Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What do you think?

A regular reader of this blog suggested a series of guidelines regarding comments on the blog moving forward.

It's my responsibility to moderate comments, but honestly as long as I don't see curse words I normally approve them. What this reader proposed was some guidelines following the back and forth following the NMSU/UVU incident. It's really common sense, but sometimes in hot button issues like this, I think it's a good idea. I have even got caught up in it (That wont happen again). For 99 out of 100 comments, there isn't an issue, but I honestly think we can proceed without insulting a person's character. Debate, disagree, enjoy.

I will continue to post anon comments. Some feel the need to put a name behind your opinion, some don't. I saw a reader mention that. So give the guidelines a read, if you absolutely don't agree to something then we can discuss it, but I think it makes sense for everyone, including myself.

  1. Talk about topics and posts, not the people who post.
  2. Don't be unnecessarily inflammatory.
  3. Make your point and let people respond. Try to avoid the need to repeat your opinion if another comment disagrees with your original post.
  4. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face sitting around a table in a crowded, friendly room, don't say it here.
  5. No profanity or d*sguised profanity


Anonymous said...

Let people write what they want.

Anonymous said...


I feel bad that you need to entertain these type of rules and such. People can be critical and demanding of public figures on blogs or letters to the editor. The bottom line is there needs to be some respect and civility to what we all say. I have seen people say things at a table in a crowded room and get clocked for being disrespectful. We are all armchair/monday morning AD's in these blogs. Just remember these guys have kids, friends and family who may read this stuff, so be critical without being jerk. I agree there needs to be some tolerance for opposing views, whichever side of the fence they come from. There is also nothing wrong with debating points made by others. I have yet to see you (Jason) be inappropriate in your responses, keep up the good work, you have no idea how far and wide your Aggie news goes. As far as Aggie fans go, I quote (sort of) Sam Wyche "You don't live El Paso or Albuquerque, you live in Las Cruces".

Anonymous said...


How about an update on the available players for Thursday. Travon did great, sure like to Ian back as well.

Anonymous said...

By the way Jason, you dont have to post the Sam Wyche quote, it just sounded like a great time for that one. Thanks for letting us all vent

Anonymous said...

I share lots of time and thoughts on another sports blog for the portland trailblazers.

There has been lots of ups and downs with that team over the past 8 years I have been on that blog.

We all disagree quite a bit about what will move the team forward.

But we do so respectfully and as a result some really fun interactions have taken place.

Now, I look forward as much to reading the comments as I do the articles.

So many points of view. That is the richness of discussion.

The guidelines of communication on that blog make it all possible.

Thanks Jason for your open-mindedness and desire to make this blog as good a place as it can be!


Anonymous said...

Terrific profiles in the LC Newspaper on Aronis and Dixon. Great team guys, they could have both played on any Aggie team in the last 30 years. These are the hardest guys to replace, specialists (Dixon Defense and rebounding and Aronis 3 point shooting of course) who turned out to be all-around contributors. Who would have thought Dixon would be such a good free throw shooter and scorer, and Aronis would play such tough defense and rebound so well. Gonna miss these serious glue guys. AGGIE83

Anonymous said...

How about rules for the basketball team
1 be classy
2 dont get your school on the national news because your behavior
3 dont get arrested
4 win beyond the first round of the dance
5 see rule #1

Crazy Canuck said...

Jason, you are doing a great job with this blog, Alan wake up and smell the coffee!!! What about freedom of speech is that one of our rights as a US citizen??? I don't know because I am not a US citizen but I beleive it is !!!! Disagree with the use of profanity; but it is frequently used in conjunction with Menzies even his players call him a female dog if you know what I mean without using profanity. No respect for the coach goodluck Aggies let march madness begin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Comments like 'Alan, wake up and smell the coffee' keep other people from voicing their views...that is the kind of comment that kills good discourse....

yes, we have freedom of speech in this country but it doesn't mean we call our mothers by foul names....for example.

What do you say, Jason?


Jason Groves said...

I believe what he meant was that perhaps that's how he views players opinion of their coach. At least that's how I read that comment. But I will say here that your guidelines were much appreciated. I think readers have responded well moving forward