Saturday, March 15, 2014

Flagrant 2 definition

Art. 7. When, during the course of play (live ball), an individual strikes an opponent with the hand, elbow, arm, foot, knee or leg in a nonconfrontational manner but the act is not only excessive but also severe or extreme, it shall be ruled as a flagrant 2 personal foul and not a fighting action. When a defined body part is used to strike an opponent but the contact is not severe or extreme, a judgment shall be made by the official as to whether the contact is a flagrant 1 personal foul.
Art. 17. After a game, conference offices or the assigning authority may correct an error about who was involved in a fight but cannot change an official’s ruling that a fight took place or lessen the severity of the penalty. The conference office or assigning authority may make those penalties more severe. 


Anonymous said...

WATCH it Mullings. Not a good time to be foolish.

Anonymous said...

Why did you post this definition of Flagrant2? Any thing happen in the NMSU game? I saw where there was an incident in the UNM game.