Friday, April 25, 2008

Recruit on campus

Jorge Gutierrez, a 6-foot-3, 200 pound point guard from Chihuahua, Mexico, is on campus this weekend for his first official visit.
I spoke with him briefly. He said he has offers from Cal, UTEP, Utah State and Northern Colorado. Arizona is also in the mix.
From what I have read on him, he is described as a "glue" type of player, who does a lot of things well. He played for Findlay Prep in the Las Vegas area, going 32-1 last year. He averaged 13 points, six rebounds, three steals and 3 assists per game in 29 games. Highs include 27 points and 10 assists last year.
He has only been speaking english for two years.
When asked what he thought of Las Cruces and NMSU, he said, "I think it's a good program and the conference is good."

Here are a couple of excerpts on him
From the Findlay web site:
DraftExpress Review from the National Prep Showcase Rodger Bohn. There was not a player in attendance who was more fun to watch for basketball purists than Jorge Gutierrez, a scrappy combo guard from Mexico. While he did not stand out in any one particular facet of the game, he was able to do a little bit of everything and displayed all of the intangibles that college coaches dream of. Any time that Findlay Prep ran into a jam, he seemed to always find one way or another to pull them out of it, whether it be through drawing an offensive foul, coming up with a steal, or setting up a teammate for an open scoring opportunity. Actually an adequate scorer, Gutierrez showed off a decent first step and the ability to finish at the basket with either hand consistently. Although he did not hit any three pointers this weekend, he did prove that he could hit the 18 foot jumper on a consistent basis. All weekend long, Jorge was placed on the most talented perimeter player that his team was matched against. Boasting excellent lateral quickness, toughness and defensive awareness, he showed his credentials as a lockdown defender. We would love to see how he plays without his Rip Hamilton-style face mask, since you could clearly see that it was bothering him all game long, even if it didn’t stop him from making big plays. With the vast majority of the nation’s top prospects already committed, do not be surprised to see Gutierrez land at a high major program near you. The defensive presence, basketball IQ, and intangibles that he presents make him enviable to virtually any coach looking for a guard to help his team. Presently Texas, New Mexico, UNLV, and Colorado State appear to be in the running for Gutierrez, but expect that to change if he is able to continue his outstanding play the remainder of the season.

February, 2008: Another glue guy, Gutierrez does whatever his team needs for a win. His team does not need any plays runs for him on offense to keep him involved. Gutierrez has a high basketball IQ as well as great basketball instincts. He prefers to involve his teammates over scoring the ball himself, though he indeed has the ability to score. He easily finishes around the rim, using his either hand, though he shoots jumpers as a righty. He rebounds the ball well for a player of his height and seems to make the right plays at the right times. He also plays defense well and typically matches up with the opposing teams best perimeter player. Gutierrez plays with a remarkable amount of poise and maturity beyond his years and does all of the dirty work for his team.

Gutierrez arrived Thursday and will leave on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe friday

Even though today is the first day of the regular signing period, expect something hopefully by Friday. I do have one piece of information though. Throughout the signing period, expect the Aggies to sign two and perhaps three new players to the fold. The likelihood of one being the seven footer from holland is unlikely.

As I have stated before and in a recent story for the paper, the big guns for next year's class are already on campus. I think at this point, Menzies is just adding depth and possibly a jc big man

Friday, April 11, 2008

Wendell McKines

As many of you know, Wendell McKines also asked for his release. Coach Menzies said it was tough for Wendell to leave. Apparently McKines asked for his release early in the week after Menzies returned from the Final Four. On the outside looking in like all of us, it's a big loss, but there were apparently some personal family issues that McKines talked about.

He was one of my favorite players on the team and I thought he had a bright future at NMSU, but again, I'm not around the program everyday.

Some have asked about rumors of different recruits, but I have to respect when people tell me things off the record. I will say that the Aggies have recruited worldwide, and there has been talk of a center from Holland, but I honestly don't have a name for that one, which in some ways makes me just as anxious as you are for next Wednesday.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

APR and Deangelo Jones

A couple of stories to come in the next couple of days.
After freshman guard Jaydee luster asked for his release, so did Deangelo JOnes, last week. This also wasn't a surprise since he never really saw any court time and since Gordo Castillo took advantage of the opportunities as they came along. Perhaps Jones could have developed, but he kind of got lost in the shuffle.

I have been informed that the men's basketball team will be minus a scholarship when the APR is released in early May. Look for the story on Saturday. I was told that the Aggies' score would actually result in the loss of two scholarships, but since the Aggies have continued to improve their score and work with the NCAA, the penalty will only be one. It was before my time, but pre-theus, there were some clubs that players didn't stay eligible and/or left the university, handcuffing the Aggies at times during theus time here, and now Marvin Menzies will feel the effect next season.

I also wanted to talk about recruiting. Unfortunatley i can't get into specifics as the regular signing period nears, but I will just say that I believe Aggies fans will have a lot to cheer about in the next couple of weeks as Marvin Menzies recruiting class is revealed. NMSU has seemed to address many of the factors that i have seen discussed. The big guns of the class are already well known and on campus already, but Menzies generally talked about addressing the need for size, as well as exploring possible JC ranks for experienced players.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Justin Hawkins

Here's a link to the Portsmouth Invitational where Justin Hawkins and other invited WAC seniors are playing. There are eight teams that start play today and run through Saturday. Another notable player on Hawkins' team is Kentucky guard Ramel Bradley. Marcelus Kemp and Jaycee Carroll are also playing.

Edgar Garibay

I just talked to Compton HIgh School's Edgar Garibay. At this point, the 6-10, 240-pound forward said he is leaning toward attending prep school next year. Garibay's high school team went 28-6 last year and he will play this summer with his AAU team the L.A. Stars. I asked him if NMSU was still on his radar, and he said yes.

"They didn't fall out of it. I think prep school would be the best option for me so I can develop as a player. All of my academic things are straight."

UNLV is also high on his list.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mark Fox

I'm sure some have already seen this, but for now Fox is still in Nevada.

Report: Cal hires former Stanford coach Montgomery to take over program
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — California reportedly has turned to its biggest rival to find its new basketball coach, agreeing in principle Friday with former Stanford coach Mike Montgomery on a contract to replace the fired Ben Braun. was first to report the news, citing an unidentified source with knowledge of the negotiations. School spokesman John Sudsbury declined to comment and athletic director Sandy Barbour did not immediately return an e-mail seeking comment.
Montgomery, who spent 18 years with the Cardinal, has been out of coaching since August 2006 when he was let go after two seasons in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors. He has announced college games and been an assistant athletic director at Stanford while still collecting money from the final two years of his contract with Golden State.
Braun was fired last week after 12 seasons as coach when the Bears missed the NCAA tournament for the fourth time in five years.

I think Fox has a good thing going at Nevada and looking ahead, I believe Nevada will be the team to beat in the WAC next year with a loaded backcourt even with Mcgee leaving.There are no doubt college jobs that will continue to pursue Fox. I haven't seen anything linking Fox to the Okla. State job, but who knows, Reggie didn't leave until the summer.

I can't fault Mcgee leaving if he's projected in the first or second round, but could you imagine how much better he would be from his sophomore to junior season. While he certainly has the size there were aspects to his game that could be polished during his junior season, while helping his team get back to the NCAA's and perhaps advancing. He also needs to get stronger, which he would either in the NBA or in college, but he could so while playing in college rather than on a NBA bench.

I apologize for the lull on the blog, but I had to take a leave of abscence following the season. Coach Menzies is in San Antonio through the Final Four, so look for a couple of recruiting stories next week as the regular signing period begins on April 16.