Friday, March 14, 2014

WAC semifinal: Three keys and a prediction

I think the Aggies got their close game out of the way against Seattle on Thursday. Bakersfield is no push over and they played the Aggies to a three point game in Las Cruces this season, but I think tonight will be closer to NMSU's 72-57 victory at Bakersfield last weekend.

Bakersfield center Aly Ahmed can make the Aggies bigs play defense, but the problem is there is a drop off after Ahmed while the Aggies have three quality big men.

I'm looking forward to the matchup between the Aggies and Bakersfield point guard Issiah Grayson. Grayson is no Isiah Umipig and I don't think Daniel Mullings will go 1-7 from the field again.

The Aggies advance to another WAC final, 86-75

Handle pressure: Seattle didn't press the Aggies, but NMSU guards did struggle with Seattle's pressure with 16 turnovers. Bakersfield doesn't have the length that Seattle has but Brandon Barnes can bother Kevin Aronis although Aronis should be more of a factor against Bakersfield. I think if anything, Ian Baker was solid. Folks on Twitter want him to score, but when he's in the game, I think NMSU will have enough scoring options on the court.

Rebound: The Aggies out rebounded Bakersfield by five last weekend and it was even in the first game. Bakersfield had 14 offensive rebounds in the first game and 15 last weekend. Seattle collected 21 offensive rebounds against the Aggies on Thursday. Offensive rebounds and NMSU turnovers helped Seattle with 25 more field goal attempts than the Aggies.

Keep going inside: Maybie Sim Bhullar is the WAC Tournament MVP a second straight year if he repeats Thursday's effort. The Aggies certainly looked to Bhullar and Nephawe on Thursday. Eldridge was the only perimeter player on Thursday in double figures.


Anonymous said...

Man another painful victory, these have been grind it out wins, but not fun games to watch. Whats wrong with Mullings, he seems to be coasting thru the first three quarters of the game then turning it on late. This is one of the toughest, classiest, one of the great Aggs, why does he seem to be playing like Melo?

Anonymous said...

Too critical, no doubt. Playing point to start the games is definitely messing with Daniels rhythm, but we got to do it. I wish he would just take over early, we could use an early lead, I haven't got any fingernails left. GO AGGS!