Monday, March 17, 2014

Steve Fisher on the Aggies, Marvin Menzies

Steve Fisher held a video press conference today. Here are some highlights

On Sim Bhullar
He's so vastly improved from a year ago. It's hard to manauver around him. And they throw it to him early and often. They are like us. They have made more free throws than their opponents have shot. ... It makes it hard for you to drive in when there is a 7-5 guy inside. ... They do a nice job passing the ball out of the post and they move it side to side and swing it so they can throw it into the post. We are a pretty good defensive team so you hope that we can guard guys with effeciency. Limiting them to one shot is important.

If your'e in the field you are good enough to win. I remember watching them against Michigan State (in 2010 tournament) They did everything but win the game. The more tape I've watched, the more impressed with their team. ... You start with their bigs, but (Mullings) is good and can beat you in a lot of ways. (Aronis) is as good a 3-point shooter in the country. (Baker) has also bennefitted from more playing time.

On Marvin Menzies:
I talked to Marvin today. I told him that you have learned from your time here. You are too good. We talked about being so happy for each other and our families and desperately wished we weren't paired up against each other. I'm happy for what he’s done.He's had the experience to be with different styles and different philosophies. And he can recruit and he has them from all over the world.

Josh Davis, Dwayne Polee II, Xavier Thames 

Winston Shepard, Aqeel Quinn 


Anonymous said...

Jason, I keep singing your praises as THE Aggie basketball guru. Todays post with the Coach Fisher interview is absolutely terrific. Coach Fisher is one of the great coaches of out time. Every time I hear him speak, I am amazed at his knowledge, his calm demeanor and his class. I tend to sing Coach Menzies praises whenever I see the need to. The Coach Fisher interview really hits it on the head and it should be required reading for anyone with something to say about the Aggies this season and seasons past.

Anonymous said...

I love coach Fisher as well, but I wouldn't much stock in what he says about NMSU or MM specifically.

Take a look at what the Saint Louis coach said last year before they dismissed us, or Tom Crean the year before that.

These coaches don't want to create bulletin board material by pissing off the other team.

This game will be an excellent barometer for where our team is at. We will know beyond any doubt how good or not so good the coaching of our staff is after this game. Forget the talk and let the ball do the talking!

It will be a great game to show us where we actually are as a program. I look forward to it.

Go Aggies!


Anonymous said...

Man, that Steve Fisher is a class act. Love the way he carries himself and talks respectfully about his opponents.

SDSU is very lucky to have him!

Anonymous said...

Anan 10:05, you are right on. Anon 7:45, I would put a great deal of stock in what a coach who was instrumental in another coaches development has to say. Yes there is a decorum between coaches/competitors, but obviously this is a very different scenario. Imagine Alford playing Neal in the first round, these are a little more than polite compliments from a legendary coach, listen to the interview. Obviously the W or L will rule the day in the tournament, but a barometer of where the program is at? Going to the dance 3 years in a row and 4 out of the last 5, sounds like the program is in damn good shape. I will listen to Coach Fisher

Anonymous said...

yes, you are right 2:13, in one sense,

Saying nice things about an opposing coach who you have such a personal relationship with goes beyond simple niceness.

There would be more than decorum between a mentor and his student...there would be a protected view of the other coach, especially when asked about that coach by the media. I understand. I would never throw one of my clients or underlings under the bus in public. On the contrary, I would celebrate them and keep any reservations between me and them.

It is for this reason especially, that we should discount Fisher's words. Fisher was very nice. While he mentioned that we have gotten to the tournament the past several years, he didn't mention that to get to the tournament all these years we have had to beat a total of 3 out of 9 teams with winning records (in the past 3 years...I didn't go further back than that)

This game will be our third chance to beat a team with a winning record since before Christmas. (The other two teams with winning records were Grand Canyon and UVU--not exactly basketball powerhouses.)

I for one am excited we get to face a team with a legitimately good record. The outcome of this game will be a true assessment of the quality of our team and coaching. If we win, it will be a true achievement.

In my mind, we haven't achieved anything yet.

Beating Seattle, Bakersfield, and Idaho is not an accomplishment, if you ask any basketball fan in this country outside of New Mexico. But if we beat SDSU, or even show up respectably, THAT would be a positive result and a true achievement of our program and coaching.

Anything less, not so much.

Go Aggies!