Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick schedule note

A road game at St. Mary's could be added to the men's schedule. Hopefully the schedule would be released sometime next week. It's too bad if the Aggies would have to add another road game because everyone wants to play at home, but St. Mary's would be a nice addition I think, at least better than the teams that seem willing to come here

Monday, July 27, 2009

Contract info

There is a Regents meeting on Wednesday where the Board is expected to approve a number of coaches contracts, but Marvin Menzies is the only head coach on the list. It's actually an extension through 2012 so his salary doesn't increase at all. Following is a list of incentives that are included in his original contract, some he's already accomplished, some are within reach if the Aggies have a good year this year.

$15,000 — winning a conference regular season title
$10,000 — winning a conference tournament championship
$10,000 — 17 or more NCAA wins in one season
$20,000 — Qualifying or appearing for the Postseason NIT or the NCAA Tournament
$25,000 — Reaching the Sweet 16
$35,000 — Reaching the Final 4
$50,000 — Winning a NCAA championship
$10,000 — Winning conference coach of the year
$15,000 — Winning the national coach of the year
$15,000 — Being nationally ranked by one of the major polls at year end
$20,000 — For academic accomplishments, including earning a team APR of 925

Monday, July 13, 2009

Women's schedule

The women's schedule came out today. 18 home games is a lot and it seems like that's just what this program needs. They should be more competitive than last year but I think they need to develop one of these freshman posts because that was a big weakness last year. ... I know that a story on the women's schedule will only prompt some question on the men. It appears as if there will be just 14 non-conference games this season. The last game has still not been filled from what I understand.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here is my story on the new women's hoops assistant hired this week. ... I spoke with Coach Menzies as he travels to the King James tournament in Cleveland this weekend. July is a big recruiting month and I hope to catch up with him late next week on this summer's recruiting trips and what they are looking for down the line. ... Despite his optimism on his blog, I don't know if we will see Wendell McKines on the court this season. Perhaps I'm pessimistic. I think it's also possible that Troy Gillenwater could also miss some games early in the season due to grades. As you know, he was a redshirt freshman last season so he doesnt have the same luxury as Wendell, who could sit out and improve on the court and in the classroom. Menzies feels like Gillenwater's academic situation can improve prior to the season, but it's a possibility he could miss some time as well. ... Menzies said his approach to fill the Aggies' remaining two games on the schedule is to try to get a winnable game at home with one and trying to land a home-and-home series with a regional opponent.