Saturday, March 8, 2014

What do you think about Ross-Miller's suspension?

Was two games enough? I can see it, but I think there are obviously other factors at work here. People who follow the program closely could have put some pressure on the AD, and there are behind the scenes issues that don't always make public news, such as Terrel de Rouen's suspension. 

LAS CRUCES – New Mexico State Athletics Director McKinley Boston today announced that sophomore guard KC Ross-Miller will not be eligible to play in the WAC Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas, Nev., next week.

The indefinite suspension will continue at least through the WAC Basketball Tournament.

“I explained to KC Ross-Miller that I expect our coaches, administrators and student-athletes to conduct themselves in a manner that appropriately represents NM State University,” said Boston. “His status as a member of the NM State basketball team will be re-evaluated in the future, pending his successful completion of an anger management course.”

The Aggies are the No. 2 seed in the WAC Tournament and will begin play at 8:30 p.m. (Pacific) on Thursday, March 13, in the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.


Anonymous said...

Boston made a very difficult decision, as an Aggie fan I do not agree with the call. I feel the publicity the program received for the incident was damaging, but KC is young man who made a mistake and deserves an opportunity to redeem himself. If Boston had ruled to allow KC to play he would have been seen as only caring about winning versus administering an athletic program. I see a young man who will now have to gather himself and learn from this mistake. The team will have to adjust without KC and concentrate on the next 3 games one at a time. Good luck KC, take care of your business, and WHEN you return come back strong. Get the team together Coach Menzies and lets win the tourney. AD Boston, you made the tuff call, that's what you get paid for, I know you had the best intentions of the Program and the university. As an AGGIE-maniac, I say go AGGIES! AGGIE83

Anonymous said...

Finally growing a pair, Boston. Good step in the right direction.
Dont need ANY more distractions as the WAC is underway.

Frank said...

Why didn't he ever issue an apology to Utah Valley University? I think it would have been appropriate considering the fact that the ball throwing incident started the ruckus. Remember when Egbert for Idaho hit Eldridge in the nuts? Idaho suspended him for two games and made him write a letter of apology to NMSU. The NMSU administration should have taken some pointers from Idaho in this case. Oh well, hopefully Mullings, Baker and Landry can handle the Seattle pressure on Thursday night. Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

I agreed with the decision to extend the suspension. There is nothing wrong with sending a message to the young man that his actions will not be tolerated. The last two games of the season pale in comparison to the WAC tournament games, so having to sit out the conference tournament should really resonate with KC. WHEN we get into the big dance, he will be back. Go Aggies.

Anonymous said...

He threw a ball. Not a punch. But it's a tough decision either way. I don't know how much it will effect the team. Aggies actually tend to play better when adversity hits.

Anonymous said...

It was the only call Boston could make.

If he let him play, there would have been an outcry.

Still, I like the idea of getting him to write a letter of apology to UVU fans, the dude who got hit by the ball, etc.


Anonymous said...

KC wrote a very heartfelt apology, he took full responsibility for his actions. It is obvious the letter was written by KC and not the public information officer for the University. In the letter KC "humbly" asked for everyone to accept his apology. KC is an Academic All-WAC student, the letter is written by a young man wrestling with his conscience with respect to his University, his teammates and his family. The letter is written from the heart not the head. As a rabid Aggie fan and a father with a kid KC's age it is clear here is a young man who has apologized. Athletes will acknowledge each other before the game should we meet in the championship game, this is how athletes settle things like this. This does not need to be forced. As far as apologizing to the Utah Valley fans and such, Daniel and DK were almost mauled by these fans, I believe the fans aren't owed anything other than they need to follow the rules themselves with regard to rushing the floor and putting everyone in harms way. KC and everyone else, time to move on to the next play

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 1:54!

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with the decision. I also have no problems if his scholarship is revoked and never wears the Crimson & White.

Still waiting for the Weak Ass Conference to come down on UVU for allowing their fans to take freebies at Mullings & Eldridge!!