Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stepping out

I will be on vacation for the next week. Just wanted to let you know even though it's the dog days of summer.

Friday, June 26, 2009


So far the Aggies' men's schedule has potentially two non-conference games to fill. Right now there are 29 games.

UNM (home opener first week of November)
UTEP (Two weeks later)

Then it drops off
Panhandle State
North Carolina A&T
Alcorn State

Cal-State Fullerton

It would be nice to get another Division I home game, but I'm curious what your thoughts are on opening the season with a rivalry game? Both teams could be pretty good and I like the idea of a tough game to open the season and get people excited about the season and the team. It's an early, important game for the Aggies, who were swept by the Lobos last year.

ESPN typically completes its schedule for the first week of games by August so hopefully the network has some interest in a rivalry game on the first weekend of the season.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WAC announcement

We got an email this morning from the WAC, stating that commish Karl Benson is making a 'major announcement' on Wednesday at 2 p.m. I think it's safe to assume at this point that the pieces are finally in place for an announcement regarding moving the WAC tournament to Las Vegas.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gibson back

I have a couple items that nobody should really be surprised about. Jonathan Gibson took his name out of the early entry list and will return for his senior season. From talking to Jonathan, it sounds like he is trying to develop some leadership qualities. I don't see him as the vocal presence that J.Y. Wendell or potentially Gillenwater, but I think the younger players would respond to his experience, especially De'Shawn Gomez, who is an incoming freshman from L.A. ... I don't expect Chris Gabriel to return next season. Most players come back to campus in early July for summer school and I would be surprised if he returns, unless he has a change of heart.

Monday, June 8, 2009

NCAA rule changes

NCAA approves 3 rules changes for men’s basketball
INDIANAPOLIS AP — An NCAA committee has approved three rules changes intended to clarify block-charge calls, who can shoot free throws after an injury and the expanded use of replay.
The announcement Monday means secondary defenders must establish position outside the area between the backboard and the front of the rim to draw a charge call. The playing rules oversight panel said in a release that the change was based on surveys, rules forums and the coaches’ desire to reduce the amount of contact occurring underneath the basket.
The panel also addressed the perceived advantage teams can get when a fouled player is injured. Previously, the shooting team’s coach could select any player on his roster to take free throws. Now, the opposing coach must select from the four players remaining on the court.
And the committee approved expanding replay to determine flagrant fouls, which would result in ejection. If the foul is not considered flagrant, officials could still call an intentional foul or a technical foul for contact. It is the only rules change that will apply to men’s and women’s basketball.
The rules changes will go into effect this fall.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justin Hawkins in Cruces

I spoke with former Aggie Justin Hawkins tonight. He's back in Las Cruces with his family after playing professionally in France last year. Here's a link to his profile on their website. More power to you if you speak French. It sounds like Hawkins is committed to getting to the NBA, even if it takes a couple years of playing overseas. He certainly has the athleticism you would think would land him in the NBA at some point. He said he has some summer plans to play in Vegas with the Lakers in July and its possible that some workouts will also come down the road.


A previous poster asked about Wendell. I spoke with Coach Menzies a couple days ago and nothing has really changed. Gabriel is 50-50 as far as leaving, he said everyone else is coming back, including Wendell. It's just a matter of if he missed a handful of games or redshirting for the entire season. It seems like something that will be determined in the fall. ... A couple of scheduling tidbits. Northern Arizona backed out of a game due to a conflict so the Aggies have two non-conference games to fill and the Aggies are trying to make them home games. Don't expect another high major road game and nothing in the Northeast. The UCLA game will be the marquee game on the schedule. Both UNM and UTEP home games will be before students leave campus and the university is working with the WAC to get ESPN interested in the UNM/NMSU opener on the first week of the season.