Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Success in Alaska

The Aggies beat Tenn. Chattanooga 75-65, Oregon 86-75 and Illinois 95-94 to win the 1992-93 Alaska Shootout.

The competition there wont be that stiff this time around, but there is still some good competition the Aggies can get out of it. Here is a blog entry from prior to the season on the schedule.

I think the Aggies are the best team in Alaska. I expect them to play Central Michigan, Southern Miss and either Murray State or San Francisco.

It's very early in the game, but NMSU is currently ranked No. 28 on RealTimeRPI. (Cleveland st. is No. 1.

Central Michigan is 2-1 with a 67-57 win at Pepperdine on Monday and a 2OT loss to Charlotte.
Southern Miss is No. 3 at 1-1 with a loss at Denver (RPI No. 2, 59-52) and a win at Colorado State (RPI 56. 79-58). Will be interesting to see this clash of styles since it looks like Southern Miss wants to slow things down like UTEP did.

Murray State (109 RPI) has wins over Morgan State and UAB (62-55) this year. San Fran is No. 133 with a loss to North Dakota State and four straight wins over Northern Arizona, Lafayette, San Jose State and Seattle, all schools 188 or above.


Anonymous said...

If you listen to the Lobos fans a loss for the Aggies in Alaska would actually be a positive thing. ...what a joke.

December 28th my friends!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:41 - the same lobo fans will tell you that their football team is better than the Aggies' as well.

General comments:

To see the game - If you'd like to watch the game on the web if it's not televised on TV, go to . It cost $6.95 and the quality isn't great, but at least you can see the game.

I am impressed with the Aggies' passing, defense and rebounding. They look good on the floor. Shooting is not so good, and am hoping that will improve with time. Good defense and rebounding makes up for a lot in the shooting department. Getting to the line more, of course helps too.

All in all, I think the Aggies are on the right track. Have my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Sweet 16 this year? Something feels good about this season, I cant quite tell what it is........Is this team for reals!?