Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who should start?

Now that the roster movement seems to have come to a stand still, I wanted to take an early look at what a starting lineup may look like.

It may not be popular, but I'm going to argue that only two players, Daniel Mullings, and Chili Nephawe, are for sure starters right now. Both should be first team preseason players and Mullings has a good shot at becoming a repeat WAC POY by the end of next season.

In the next week I will look at each position 1 through 5 and throw out two or three names that could be the starter.

But first here is my starting five and I have question marks about all of them except the two names I mentioned before.

PG - Ian Baker
SG - Daniel Mullings
SF - DK Eldridge
PF - Remi Barry
C - Chili Nephawe

Like I said, I will get more into it in the next couple of days. But I wanted to see who you would start for the 2014 Aggies.


Anonymous said...

Solid lineup Jason, the most veteran group we can suit up for sure. I also feel that DK is a starter at small forward, although its more of a 3 guard lineup. Ian Baker is going to have a breakout year, he really stepped up last year. I like Remi given his age and experience, however his energy coming off the bench was making a huge difference last year. I think given our size, we may want to start Tanveer along side Tshilidzi with DK, Daniel and Ian. With backups PG Travon, SG Braxton, SF Remi, PF January and Post Wilkins. Matt, Pascal and Jayln will be poised should anyone roll an ankle or not play D. If January is all he's cracked up to be, he may start and we reshuffle the deck. Coach Menz is going to have the best kind of problem a coach can have, depth!!

Anonymous said...

Depends on if Anthony January is eligible/ready to contribute at the level it looks like he can. I like your starting 5, but would move Remi to SF if January can play. Too much size is lost starting DK at the 3.

Anonymous said...

I like the starting lineup you've projected. To me the biggest question is if Remy can provide the kind of consistency needed from an upperclassman starter.

The other worry I have is about vocal leadership. Chili is still new to the game. From what I've seen of Remi and Mullings, they are both by nature very reserved personalities. Maybe Ian or DK, but they both seem like strong role players more than vocal leaders. Do they have an alpha? Will they need one?

Anonymous said...

sf DK

Aggies are long, athletic, HUGE, and super deep going into this year. You could almost make a case for January to start based on his recruitment.

People love to hate Menzies and I've been critical of him as well, but he's proved to be an exceptional recruiter. Just as good as Theus in that area.