Sunday, July 20, 2014

Who should start? Power forward

I would if all things were equal, this spot would be Remi Barry's to lose next season.

But it's not, so this position is easily the biggest question mark in the lineup. But there are certainly numerous players vying for time here.

Barry has always seemed like an offense-first player and at another school, his game would probably be better suited for the small forward. But two years ago, Barry started getting minutes at the power forward position. He had enough size to defend and rebound in the WAC at the four position. Last year, it seemed like Barry had figured it out. He was averaging six points and 3 points in 12 minutes per game and shooting 50 percent from the field. In 9 games he only attempted one 3 pointer before his season ended with a ACL injury against Colorado State. Barry is just now getting back to work and his health is an unknown at this point, but if he's healthy, at least to start the season, I think he's the best option at the power forward position.

After Barry, the experience factor drops to zero. I would put three names here with nobody ever playing a game in college basketball.

Tanveer Bhullar was able to practice with the Aggies last year. The Aggies have experience with two posts with Sim Bhullar and Chili Nephawe. If Tanveer Bhullar is the best option, the Aggies will play him with Newphawe.

Pascal Siakam is a redshirt freshman that coaches and players talked about as impressive in summer workouts. Anthony January was highly recruited, but has played five junior college games in two years and it's unclear if he will qualify academically. Both have been described to me as raw talents with the ball, but their athletic ability and size would fit in well with their ability to run the floor, defend all positions and rebound.


Anonymous said...

I like really Chili starting at the power forward. Remi has earned his spot on the floor over the past four years, but I really liked Remi coming off the bench last year. With the relative youth coming off the bench after this starting five we have a big drop off that Remi's age, maturity and experience can help manage. I think Chili can possibly play pro ball at the PF/C position ala Serge Ibaka. This lineup would also allow the development of Tanveer and J Wilkins in the post. When the game is on the line and we need experience, then we go Ian, Daniel, DK, Remi and Chili.

Anonymous said...

Remi can score outside the offense. He creates his own shot and causes match up problems. Hopefully he has a strong senior year. I think Menzies will go to him more as an scoring option when the offense gets stagnant... which it will get stagnant.


Anonymous said...

CHILI needs a big like bhullar along side him so he can dominate without being doubled. Remi is a fantastic player, so we most definitely need him at the three. Mullings and Baker complete the starting five. Dk will be valuable off the bench and we have some other athletic bigs that can help when Chili and Tanveer need a rest. It is imperative that we utilize our size and work inside out. Mullings will undoubtedly be better at the 3 ball, and I see Baker moving mountains this year.