Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who should start? POINT GUARD

The consensus and likely player here is sophomore Ian Baker. For consideration though, I'm going to throw Daniel Mullings out there as well.

Ian Baker showed some promise, standing out to me on the defensive end against San Diego State with 31 minutes, by far his most court time of the season. Baker is a strong guard who showed some potential on the offensive end, but what do we really know about him? Enough to start him likely but I would say that's based just as much on the fact that there is nobody else to really push him at the spot. I like Travon Landry, but he's limited offensively but will be a very nice backup. In 20 games, Baker was 10 of 30 from 3 point range and had nine steals and averaged an assist per game. He certainly passed the eye test, but those numbers aren't overly impressive as he steps into a fulltime starters role.

Daniel Mullings started at point guard for the last six games of the season. It didn't hurt his scoring or shooting percentage. During those six games, he had 25 assists to 14 turnovers, although half of those turnovers were against San Diego State. (Baker had no TOs against SDSU in 31 minutes). Mullings is among the best athletes in the WAC and if he goes on to play professionally, with his size PG could be a likely landing spot. He has said he wants to play the position in the past and I'm sure coaches want to give him a chance to play it.

Point guard has been a weak spot or at the very least a spot of inconsistency since Hernst Laroche. To me, this particular team needs a PG that can provide a consistent scoring threat and the ability to hit open shots. Baker could be the better shooting option, but I'm not one to put him that far above Mullings as an option at point guard. 


Anonymous said...

I believe Ian Baker should start at point guard. I thought Daniel did a great job having to play pg last season, however I don't necessarily agree that it didn't take away from his game. Daniel carried and or saved us throughout the season, whether it was late in the game or through his versatility in playing the point when KC imploded. Daniel is a hybrid guard, but his strength is slashing to the basket and creating his own scoring opportunities. This is hard to do from the point where its necessary to get everyone involved in the flow of the offense. Ian Baker is a born point guard who was highly recruited (Providence, South Carolina, Miami and B.C.) as a point guard, he was the 42 ranked pg in the nation and the second ranked pg in his state. At 6'2 he has good size and is an extremely skilled passer. He is a good shooter who thinks pass first score second. Travon will be a better pg this year as Ian's backup and has shown flashes of brilliance, but needs to develop. We have to let the young pgs develop and not take too much advantage of Daniel's versatility, let him score, play D and be our clutch man at the end. Starting the year as the pg will enhance Ian's confidence and provide stability for the next couple of years. To quote Rick Patino "Hernst isn't going to walk thru the door", Hernst has left big shoes to fill, but Ian will create his own legacy.

Anonymous said...

Ian Baker was solid but not aggressive enough offensively. I think he has the potential to be outstanding. Start him.