Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Numbers game

One thing that stands out to me about the men's team is the number of big bodies. While the Aggies were certainly hurt by injuries last year, it's a number's game.

Hamidu Rahman, Chili Nephawe, BJ West, Renaldo Dixon, Wendell McKines, Tyrone Watson, Bandja Sy.

Those are all players who will play either the power forward or center position this year. That's assuming that Sim Bhullar isn't cleared and moved into the rotation.

I asked Marvin Menzies about the likelihood of using a redshirt year on someone. Obviously the exhibition game and practices leading up to the Nov. 12 opener at Northern Colorado can still play a big factor.

"You have to get through the exhibition game and the next few days and then sit down with guys and get a feel for who would want to," Menzies said. "Right now, all of them are looking forward to having a spot. I don't know right now about the 12 who will travel."

I believe that Renaldo Dixon was supposed to redshirt last year. He played a role at times last year and I'm excited about him as a sophomore, but I think a redshirt season could be beneficial to him. You can probably say the exact same thing about BJ West.

"You don't want to redshirt guys who could have helped you," Menzies said. "All of the pieces decide what is best for them but you have to factor in what is going to give you the best chance to win all season long."

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