Monday, February 8, 2010

vs. La Tech

I'm worried about the attendance. I thought it would be more after a win on Saturday and playing one of the best teams in the WAC. But the attendance looks significantly smaller.

11-8 La. Tech 1520 The Aggies have turned the ball over three times already and La. Tech has beaten the Aggies back in transition early

26-13 La. Tech 7:51 McKines just broke a scoring draught that lasted over six minutes during a 22-5 run where La. Tech scored 14 straight

31-24 La. Tech 3:22 The Aggies are clawing back into it going to the big fella. Rahman with back to back buckets and Young scored off the Aggies press

33-33 Half
NMSU close the half on an 18-5 run to tie the game

40-39 NMS 15:31 The Aggies just ended their 16-0 run as the Bulldogs have outscored the Aggies 6-0 here.

60-51 NMS 7:30 The Bulldogs started 3 of 14 from the foul line. Gibson just made a pair to pull La. Tech within eight


Anonymous said...

Cardiac Kids, and the Gillenwater pull this one out.

Have you ever seen someone pass as well as McKines from the high post before?

Unknown said...

A lot is being made about Aggie Men's basketball attendance. My wife recently graduated from NMSU and when she was a student there we had season tickets in the cheaper seats above the nicer chaired seats. We sat on bleachers for most of that time and loved what we saw in the seats we could afford at that time. Then (though for a very nice reason, I'm sure) Jones donated the chair back seats for the section we were in. They are improperly installed and torture to watch a game sitting in. They need to have the front parts raised about two inches so that you could at least sit comfortably. Please watch one game sitting in one of the chair back seats and give us your opinion on my comments. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Although the team is more important, I want to second maverick.annie. I tried to sit in those seats when they first appeared before the WAC tournament. They are basically unusable. In fact they are the worst seats that I have seen in any arena around the world. If that is keeping attendance down, get rid of the nasty things right now!! For having most of Pan Am upgraded, those seats negate the upgraded features. Out with them!!!

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Maverick Annie,

The seats arent improperly installed, that is just the way they are designed. They were placed for the WAC tournament two years ago and trust me none of the administration was happy with the product but its what they got. They are extremely uncomfortable to sit in and do horrible things for your posture haha


jb said...

maverickannie, I concur on the tombstones currently gracing the upper bowl of the PAC. Our normal seats are in the lower bowl, but for the 08 WAC tourney we moved up to the upper bowl. That 3 OT game was pure torture. Thankfully we were standing up for most of it.

Unknown said...

I don't know how far to pursue this, or that anyone is reading this particular blog now, but I didn't want it to drop on dead ears. Someone must have Menzie's ear at some point, and it should be pointed out to him that the attendance that he has been hoping for and deserves is being eaten up by the big yellow and crimson monster that he can see from the floor when he looks up. Chomp, chomp, chomp they are eating his attendance. If anyone gives him any static about insisting the seats be taken out, insist that those nay sayers watch the next game sitting in one of the torture devices. Thanks again....