Friday, February 12, 2010

Concerned about the Fresno loss?

I wouldn't be.
The Aggies were due for a game like this don't you think?
Two things stood out to me other than their 9 of 26 free throw performance. (The Aggies shoot 71 percent from the line for the season)

The Aggies have turned the ball over 12 and 18 times the last two games. It's kind of strange since the Aggies have done a good job cutting down on turnovers during their recent hot streak, averaging 13.6 per game after their 18 at Fresno.

The Aggies have to improve on their interior defense in my opinion. I watched the game on television and I couldn't believe how good the Aggies made Greg Smith look. Smith was 7 of 9 and the Aggies couldn't stop him on the block or the offensive boards before he got hurt.

Maybe a third thing. Paul George might be better than I thought. All he did was shoot open 3s, but those are the kind of nights he should have in a league like the WAC if he's really a NBA guy.

I'm surprised the Aggies lost at Fresno. But I wouldn't panic just yet with the number of WAC home games they have left and their sweep of La. Tech. They are still in good shape and I don't think there is a game left on their schedule they can't...or shouldn't win.


Anonymous said...

You have to look at the history of Menzies teams.
1). They all start off bad, not slow, 20 point loss bad!
2). They get a nice win streak down the stretch.
3). They always fall short of postseason play.

Many people feel that they are going to watch the most talented WAC team fall on their face because, they are an undisciplined bunch who thinks they can win on talent alone.

You just have that sick feeling in your stomach that something bad is going to happen.
I hope the Aggies make this feeling go away, soon!

A Million 2 Juan

Anonymous said...

No panic at all here. The Aggies are a talented team and can win out if they play up to their ability. The problem is this, the Aggies had a terrible preseason that has given them no chance to make it to the NCAA tournament based on their overall record. They must win the conference tournament, something we have known since the sixth game of the season when the Aggies stunk up the court regularly.

What recent Aggie basketball has taught us to expect is this, if the Aggies get the fat head after beating Nevada or Fresno or La Tech in the second round of the WAC tourney, then they will probably get pasted in the championship game. Then it will just be another season, another CBI tournament invite that NMSU will, and rightly so, decline.

The fans aren't concerned by the loss to Fresno, they are resigned...

Alan said...

some random thoughts:
I thought Gillenwater looked completely out of synch on both sides of the floor.

It was a funny day because I watched the movie Hoosiers before watching this game. Strange contrast.

The aggies do pass the ball better than I imagined.

It seems like there are some games you are just meant to lose. This certainly looked like one of them. Had they shot the free throws to their average it would have been a different story...oh well.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a game they will lose. In Logan at the Spectrum, not a chance of winning there.

EVL said...

Yes I do think they were due for a bad game. It happens. But I still do not have 100% confidence in Menzies as a coach because the only constant thing about the Aggie team is inconsistency. I am an Aggie fan but the basketball team is hard to watch. They win ugly. This could also explain the attendance issues. It is okay if I take some heat for this but it is true. I attend all games and will make the trip to Reno with the hope that they will snap out of it and play good all around basketball in March.

Anonymous said...

Not Concerned about the fresno loss, but concerned about the WAC Tournament....MM had by far the best team in the Conf, his first year, and what did he do???? Lost at home in the WAC Chanpionship Game and led the Aggies to 14 losses that year. Could not win last year,,,,and do not beleive he will win this year,,,

My concern is no big dance again this year and another 12 or 13 loss season...

Best overall group of players,,,,Bottom of the barrel head coach,,,,,

Thats my concern


Anonymous said...

People you are horrible analysts of basketball and coaching. Please keep posting. I need the laughs.

EVL said...

anon 2:27,

Most people who post here are not basketball analysts. They are season ticket holders, stakeholders, fans that are not happy with the men's NMSU basketball product. Enlighten us with YOUR analysis of basketball and coaching.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:27,

You talk about horrible analysis, but you provide none yourself.

I'd rather be laughed at then be a coward without an opinion...

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:27
Probably works for the Athletic Dpt.

Things must be pretty bad as Steve Macy did a small write up on begging fans to come back.

The NMSU website also had something comparing Menzies three year record vs. other NMSU head coaches.

Funny thing though, they couldn't mention any post season appearances under his belt?

Kind of hard to support a team that is ineligible, incosistent, has a 3-9 record vs. our rivals and plays down to their level of competition!

Show us some damn CONSISTENCY, BEAT our rivals, and take care of business in CLASS & on the COURT!!!

Do all of the above and the PanAmaniacs will show up once again!!!


Anonymous said...


Gee, I can hardly wait until all conditions are met to your satisfaction before you come back to the Pan Am Center to watch basketball. Quit whining, basketball is a fine sport to watch just because it exists.

Big Al

SM said...

Losses should not be viewed in isolation, and I share the sentiments of the above posters in stating that I am not too concerned for the loss to Fresno. It was our 3rd game in a week (btw - who the heck schedules these games. We get 3 consecutive weeks of only 1 game and then get hit with 3 in one week). They stunk up the floor.

The concern is, and always has been, Menzies' ability to have his guys focused every night. Once again, our mediocre pre-conference performance has put us in a situation where even an NIT bid is out of the question. We are now put in a position in which we have to win the conference tournament. It is looking like we are going to get a 2/3 seed in the tournament, which I am fine with. A 1 seed pits us against Nevada or Fresno in round 2, whereas a 2/3 seed puts us against La Tech in round 2.

Underachievement is a huge concern with any Menzies team. 2 years ago, you could not muster an argument that NMSU was not the most talented team in the WAC. This year, you would also have a tough argument that there is a more talented team out there in the WAC. Sure, Luke Babbit may be the best player in conference, but collectively, we have the best starting 5 in conference.

What I love about Stu Morril is that he utilizes the talent level that finds its way into Logan. Jaycee Carrol was a good shooter, but not much else. Yet, USU built a powerhouse around him for a couple years. This year, I'm not sure they have any 1st team All-Wac guys (we have at least 2). Yet, they are well-coached, they don't have mental lapses, and they play D.

I think the NMSU AD has some decisions to make for the future. Do we want a guy who can recruit talented players, but has trouble keeping them on the floor and trouble utilizing the talent? Or, do we want a guy who is more X's and O's, utilizes his talent, and gets maximum production through good discipline (a la Bob Knight, Stu, Henson)? I go with the latter.

Anonymous said...

Like I have said all along, as well as others have said, Menzies is a great recruiter but a lousy game coach. He has no clue how to manage a game or develop talent. I get more excited about Aggie softball and volleyball now than I do men's basketball...and I used to be a die hard basketball fan before Menzies came around.

jb said...

I'm curious about the rationale behind a couple comments made above.

First, one poster says that we have 2 All-WAC guys in our starting 5. I think right now we have none. JY is close, but Adrian Oliver bests him in every relevant stat for a shooting guard. Armon Johnson is clearly the best PG in the league, Babbitt and Paul George take the forward spots, and Magnum Rolle is the WAC's best center. The thing you can say for the Aggies is that all of our starting 5 are probably the 2nd or 3rd best at their position.

Second, I also question the notion that Menzies can't develop talent. He seems to have problems with team cohesiveness, but Young, Gibson, McKines and Rahman have all blossomed under his tutelage. If anything, I think he is probably a very good teacher of individual skills... the only major knock I have on him is the inability to develop a coherent defensive framework for the players to operate in. Offensively, this is the best NMSU has ever been. Defensively, not so much. I do agree that his game management needs work, but would also say that it's light years better than it was in 2008.

Anonymous said...

JB that's a great post and breakdown. Menzies is by no means perfect, but he's improving from year to year. I hate the lack of perspective people that post on these boards have. Give the guy some time and he could surprise you. All this hot seat talk is not only stupid based on results, but based on economic conditions.

One more thing, Menzies is trying to build his program with 4 year players. Something not even Theus can make a claim to. It's a lot different that going the JC route. And we will take our lumps in the early stages, but it will pay dividends. Patience is needed though.