Monday, February 1, 2010

Thanks to Sam Wasson

Sam did my work for me checking out league websites to see which teams got TV BracketBuster games. Check this out

(Teams they can't or probably won't play in parenthesis)

Missouri State (Wichita State)
Northern Iowa (Wichita State)
Utah State (NMSU, Nevada, La. Tech)
Butler likely vs. Siena
Kent State (Akron)
Pacific (probably won't play Nevada because the two faced each other already this season)
George Mason (ODU, William and Mary)
Northeastern (ODU, William and Mary)
VCU (ODU, William and Mary)
Murray State (probably won't play La. Tech because the two faced each other this season and were Bracketbuster opponents last year)

NMSU (Utah State)
Western Carolina (17-5, 7-3)
Wichita State (Missouri State, Northern Iowa)
Nevada (Utah State)
La. Tech (Utah State)
Siena likely vs. Butler
Akron (Kent State)
Old Dominion (George Mason, Northeastern, VCU)
William and Mary (George Mason, Northeastern, VCU)

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