Saturday, February 20, 2010


Talking with Pacific coach Bob Thomason Friday, he said his team is 3-3 in close games. NMSU is 5-0. There are a lot of similar stats in this match and/or contrasting stat, but maybe that could be the most important one.

I think it's important the Aggies come out and establish their pace early, similar to the Fullerton game. Hopefully Pacific will miss some shots on the outside, where they are streaky, and the Aggies can use their size to get rebounds and get the fastbreak rolling. I don't see this team giving away another big lead like they did to start the season. But the Tigers will run.

"People underestimate our running ability. If they want to go, we want to go but the question is do we want to go on their terms. When people pressure you, they entice you to do things you don't want to do," Thomason said. "The way they shoot the ball from the perimeter, it's hard to match up with."

Thomason said his team hasn't been as good as he would have liked in close games. They turned the ball over twice at Santa Barbara and San Jose State hit an awkward shot and a lay up to beat them.

I asked both coaches if today's opponent reminded them of anyone they have played.

Menzies compared Pacific to Utah State in terms of their discipline and to San Jose State in terms of depth and the athleticism they bring to the table.

Thomason said the Aggies reminded him of San Diego State.
'They are long and athletic. We played really well against them and were fortunate to beat them early. Marvin is a good guy and I'm happy for his success but I hope he has one bad game."

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