Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jonathan Gibson

Gibson was my favorite player his sophomore season. It's been interesting covering the team and seeing him go through the peaks and valleys that any player goes through over an extended period of time.

His sophomore year was interesting because it didn't seem like he didn't have that much pressure on him and he had marquee players at the time around him in Justin Hawkins and Hatila Passos. As a result, his field goal percentage 45.4 was the highest of his career.

He hit big shots throughout that season as well, hitting the game winner against San Jose State and he nailed a big three against Boise State in the tournament championship that I thought won the game, but Boise State came back. The game that stands out to me the most though this year was at Louisville. The Aggies were actually in the game late, and when the shot clock wound down or when the Aggies needed someone to create something, Gibson was the only Aggie that was capable of doing that. Against that particular Louisville team, it was pretty impressive to watch.

His junior year was a bit of a slump. Hist 3-point percentage dropped to 39 percent, but he picked it up in the conference tournament.

This year, he has shown that there isn't a back court player in the conference that can stay in front of him. Why Utah State's Jared Quayle is considered a better player is still beyond me. Watch them head to head next week and get back to me.

Gibson has been fun to watch the last three years. Hopefully he will get an opportunity to make a living playing basketball somewhere.

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