Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vs. San Jose State

12-10 NM 15:05 Aggies had good energy to open the game. Whoever plays a little defense could win this game. Just a little

23-14 NMS 11:49 NMSU on a 15-4 run. Gillenwater checked in with 13:20 left for Rahman and had a three-point play and a board so far. He's playing alongside Rahman now.

34-24 NMS 7:15 I think Oliver is going to have to have a huge night to keep SJSU in this game. The Aggies are heating up on the perimeter with 4 3s already and haven't really looked into the paint yet. Oliver is guarding Wendell in man to man. I would like to see the Aggies look at that. Wendell wanted the ball in the post but was whistled for an offensive foul

39-34 NMS 2:35 San Jose closed to within two as NMSU went scoreless for four minutes. They took some quick shots during that span including one sequence where two Spartans were on the floor, and JY took a shot with the Aggies were playing 5 on 3. robert Owens grabbed the long rebound and dunked it home to make it 34-32 with 4:13 left.

49-42 NMS Half
Gillenwater has 11 points and eight rebounds in 12 minutes. An assist to Hamidu Rahman at the end of the half capped a stretch where NMSU scored on its last seven trips down the court

56-46 NMS 15:55 If it wasn't for Chris Oakes on the offensive boards, the Aggies would probably still be on the run they started the first half on, a 5-0 advantage that put the back up by 12

69-62 NMS 11:31 Robert Owens has four 3s in the second half. finally the Aggies are going inside more here after Owens showed the Spartans arent going to go away. Rahman, McKines and Gillenwater have accounted for 13 straight points, and i'm including a Gibson 3 set up on a McKines kick

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