Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vs. Boise State

Gillenwater for McKines in the starting lineup

20-16 NMS 10:29
Watson and Merker have each checked in rather than McKines so I would guess it's disciplinary or injury related at this point. I'll check in postgame. The Aggies can't keep Boise off the glass. 11 of Boise's 15 boards are on the offensive glass

36-34 2:43 Boise State is staying in the game the only way they can, by hitting 3s. The Broncos have made four of them in the last three minutes, knotting the game at 34-34

43-38 HALF The Aggies need Wendell McKines back in the lineup in a hurry. They are getting outworked on the boards, Boise State made six 3s in the first half and are outrebounding NMSU by 10 at halftime.

56-45 NMS 15:59 Aggies on a 12-3 run here with triples from Young and Gibson. McKines started the second half

68-51 NMS 11:49 Aggies follow with a 12-0 run

71-63 NMS 7:59 The Broncos got to within 11 with just over 10 minutes left to play. Looks liek the Aggies are going to slow the pace again. Boise doesn't defend at all. If the Aggies could get some defensive stops and defensive rebounds, they could pull away in the last 8 minutes


Anonymous said...

Here we go again. I am the poster that was a little hard on them after the last win. Im watching on ESPN360.

20 point lead and we stop running offense.

Anonymous said...

Me again--Gibson just shot an NBA 3 with 24 on the shot clock, and without even trying to run a play. WTF?

Anonymous said...

I dont mind the shot, but only if it was in the flow of the offense. I don't care how hot he is, or if it is his last home game. PLAY BASKETBALL.

Anonymous said...

No way this game should come down to a 3 pointer to tie by Boise. Why we can't defend the 3 is a mystery. Get on 21 and stay on him.

Utah State isn't going to be nearly as forgiving...

Anonymous said...

JG--nobody covered the McKines benching. What's the story?