Monday, February 15, 2010

Aggies vs. Hawaii

Perhaps taking one "bad" loss at Fresno last week hurt tonight's crowd? It's not looking good eight minutes before tipoff

10-7 NMS 14:51 Aggies hit three of four to open the game up 8-0. Hawaii is playing zone so we will see how long that lasts. JY and Gibson have already knocked down triples. Defensively, the Aggies' zone has really given up just one open 3 so far.

19-11 NMS 11:37 Hawaii closed to within one but three misses and a turnover have helped NMSU surge ahead. The Aggies are on a 10-2 run here. What stands out to me is the passing during this run. JY has passed up two open shots for assists to Wendell on a lob in transition and Gillenwater for a transition 3. Wendell just found Gillenwater on a high-low pass

25-13 NMS 7:59 The Aggies run is now 16-4 over the last 5:10. They are doling it by sharing the ball. NMSU has 8 assists and JY has four of them

28-21 NMS 3:54 The Aggies have cooled off while Roderick Flemings has started to assert himself. Flemings has scored his team's last eight points to get Hawaii within seven but Hernst Laroche just hit a 3

42-27 NMS at half. The Aggies hit 3 triples in the last five minutes outscoring Hawaii 17-6 during that stretch

51-29 NMS The Aggies opened the second half on a 9-0 run to lead by as many as 24

76-51 NMS 6:00
This is what the Aggies needed to do. Crush a lesser opponent on their home court


Anonymous said...

I don't think the Aggies necessarily played a great game tonight. They did continue playing and trying score and limit the opponent even when they were up by 25. That was refreshing and somewhat new, them not letting up.

Good for them.

Anonymous said...

Bad attendance?
We could blame it on 80's night, as most 80 year olds are in bed by 7:00PM.

We can blame it on fans not trusting this team and not trusting Menzies.
Everyone has a feeling this team will not be playing in postseason play.

Anonymous said...

You should ask Menzies why he doesn't go with a starting line-up of Laroche, Young, McKines, Gillenwater, and Rahman with Gibson, Castillo, Watson, West, and N'Doye coming off the bench. I think we would cause a lot of problems with that line-up.

Anonymous said...

A 24 point win and the RPI goes down! Wow!

This is a team that needs to realize that if they win out, they can be national champions. That is the mindset they need to be having for the rest of the year.

Yes, there are about 300 other teams that can say the same thing. But, Given the talent level, The Aggies have to be among the 50 or so that have any realistic hope that it MIGHT happen.

Anonymous said...

Groves, can you apprise us on the status of the following players for next year? Will they be back?

D'Shawn Gomez
Robert Lumpkins
Justin Standley
Mahktar Diop

Anonymous said...

"Anon: 10:26 AM ...This is a team that needs to realize that if they win out, they can be national champions. That is the mindset they need to be having for the rest of the year..."

Maybe in some bizarro universe, but not here, not now. This Aggie team lacks the discipline, focus, and stones to make it past the first game in the NCAA or NIT tournament. They do seem to have a modicum of talent, but past that, nada.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02

I think we would get our butts kicked every game with that starting line up. If anything you can substitue Gillenwater for Rahman and that is a pretty good line up I think. One thing that stood out to me in my mind last night was the fact that for once Menzies did not slow the tempo of the game when we were winning big. However, I dont think this translated to a killer instict. I thought that for the most part the starting five played sloppy and began showboating much too early. There is a difference I think in playing your best despite a big lead and letting that lead get to your head. I think the bench could have benefited from more minutes because to me there was no real reason for the starters to be in there. Yes they build a lead but they werent playing well enough to benefit from the extra minutes. The Aggies should win the next home games and I dont think what seed they get ultimately matters.


Coyote said...

I would go with a starting line-up of Laroche, Gibson, Young, McKines, and Gillenwater with Castillo, Watson, and N'Doye being the first ones coming off the bench when needed. To stand a chance of winning the WAC the aggies are going to have to field five athletic players at a time that are willing to jump and get their feet off the floor. Players that want to stand and watch the game could watch the game while sitting on the bench!

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself anon 4:30am

Unknown said...

I'm going to throw down the gauntlet at you. Sit in the chair back seats for the next Aggie home game or don't talk about attendance anymore. Well, you know my heart is in the right place, but people really need a first hand report from someone they trust on this. Enjoy the game...if you can.

Anonymous said...

Win a national championship? Say what?!?!? Yes, the guys tried to hang in there and play. Hawaii has to be one of the worst teams to come in the Pan Am this year. OMG! You are right about not trusting this team. But then again, you could say that about all teams this year. Kids play the games, kids make some good plays, kids make some bad plays. Lets all just support them and have some fun. Go Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Cmon groves. throw us a bone

Anonymous said...

coyote are you seriously talking smack about Rahman? Lots of evidence saying he's a key to our success.