Tuesday, December 16, 2008


These days it seems like losing a job in the NBA is better than actually winning.
Don't know if you saw this yet. I'm not a huge Parish fan but I think he puts it pretty well here. Former NBA players have turned into great NBA coaches, but it seems that Theus is more suited to college because the younger players want to reach where Theus has been. Who knows how he managed an NBA roster in a NBA city, but in a college town, Theus would be a big fish in a small pond who has a limited amount of proven success at NMSU.


Anonymous said...


All signs point to Theus taking over at the UofA. The rumor is that Arizona played NMSU two years ago to get a close-up look at Theus because they thought Lute was close to retiring. After he stayed around for 1 1/2 years longer, their plans were delayed and Theus went with the Kings. Now they are back to their original hopes. Theus will be a great coach at Arizona.

Jason Groves said...

Good find OO7
That would certainly look good for a renewal of an NMSU/Arizona series which Dr. Boston has talked about as trying to get more regional opponents on the schedule. I'm sure Theus would love to play NMSU and would even be open to playing in Las Cruces in a home and home situation where in the past, Arizona either didn't want to, or didn't feel the need to play in Las Cruces