Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Games of note

Here is the wire story for UTEP's win over Texas Tech on Wednesday.

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — Stefon Jackson and Randy Culpepper could not be stopped as the two guards combined for 45 points in a 96-78 UTEP victory over Texas Tech on Wednesday night.
Jackson scored 28 points on 8-of-16 shooting and Culpepper added 27 on an 8-of-18 night. Starting forward Arnett Moultrie added 15 for UTEP (5-4). Julyan Stone had 11 rebounds for the Miners.
John Roberson led Texas Tech (7-3) with 33 points and nine assists, but he and Damir Suljagic were the only Red Raiders to score in double figures. Suljagic scored 10 points and had eight rebounds.
UTEP led 43-34 at the half. The Miners shot 52 percent from the field to 49 percent for the Red Raiders.

Also, following Saturday's game, here is a story about the Aggies' next opponent, Loyola Marymount, whose coach stepped away.


Anonymous said...

Just another night at the office for Jackson and Culpepper. the numbers look identical to the Pan Am game:
Jackson 8 of 17 for 23
Culpepper 9 of 24 for 24
No question that if they heat up in Don Haskins they're hard to beat. Those two threw up prayers down their last year that all went in. That's why Sunday's outcome was overdue and sooo satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Oral Robts nailed 8 of 20 from downtown while the Lobos struggled on 2 of 15 3-pt shooting last night. But the Lobos still won when OR couldn't hit a trey at the end to tie in the Pit. Lobos shot 41% for the game, something the Aggies can handle. Live by the 3, die by the three, eh, Randy Culpepper?

Anonymous said...

I am actually glad that UTEP did great against Texas Tech. Not because I want them to do good, but rather to keep the Aggies mind into the game and not go into El Paso overconfident based on their victory last Sunday. UTEP is inconsistent, but they are still a dangerous team so the Aggies need to go in there with the right mindset, or they will not have a chance to get the sweep this season