Saturday, December 13, 2008

UTEP game

First I asked Coach Menzies about Terrance Joyner and Jahmar Young on Saturday. As of Saturday afternoon, Menzies said the Joyner situation was "status quo" meaning he's unlikely to suit up against UTEP unless something happened late in the day. I also asked him about Jahmar Young, and he said Young is fine after suffering a hand injury last week at North Texas.

Moving on to the Miners, I went and watched their game against UNLV. I'm a big NBA fan and watching the MIners reminds me of watching the Cavs sometimes. They try to get a transition bucket and if it's not there, either Stefon Jackson or Randy Culpepper try to create something off the dribble with Culpepper pulling up for a three or Jackson driving.
Culpepper is very athletic and very streaky while Jackson is consistent and more polished. I liked the freshman power forward Moultrie and Claude Britten, who came off the bench at center but i thought he was their best threat in the paint. Kareem Cooper (7-foot) starts with the 6-11 Britten coming off the bench.

Finally I didn't think UTEP did a good job getting back in transition defensively so the Aggies match up well in that aspect in that they are more than capable of getting up and down.


Anonymous said...

I just have to say that at least one freshmen impresses me each game. Nice game tonight for gabriel against a "better on paper" frontcourt of UTEP.

With Laroche, the two centers, and Gillenwater along with the talented stars, this team could make a decent tourney run in the next few years. And here's to welcoming T Joyner. Hope you can make a contribution.

But Gillenwater has been better than I imagined. He's clearly having a better 1st season than Pope did, in very similar roles. They almost seem to be the same player. I'm just sad we couldn't see the two of them together creating matchup nightmares every night.

Anonymous said...

After last nights game and how poor the attendance was do you think scheduling Kansas and USC was worth putting our rivalry games during breaks when no students are here and few people show up?

Anonymous said...

Whats the word on Joyner? It would have been great to let him get some mop up duty on Saturday, and some potential playing time against P.V. A&M. In time for the rematch and UNM games before WAC play.

Please keep us up to date.

Anonymous said...

There were a lot of #34's standing and clapping after player introductions. It was a good call to start Mr. Castillo and for Jack to name him PotG. He's been playing with intensity and making great decisions. The bench (3 guys) scored 38 pts and Gibson would not have been a bad PotG selection as 6th-Man, 19pts in 24mins, plus taking brunt of UTEP's frustrations. Barbee's free substitutions at the begining of the game had Jimmy thinking UTEP's size and bench depth would outman NMSU. But UTEP's six subs only scored 14. Boy did the Aggies have surprises in store for Tony! LaRoche and Young getting to the line was the difference. Never would have guessed that Culpepper shoots better with a hand in his face? Go figure... Good luck on Sat.!!

Anonymous said...

Any news on Terrance Joyner????

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are right, J.G.? Tony Barbee seems to be going out and finding big bodies with tons of potential. Like NBA players, his team didn't seem to play up to that potential. In warm-ups the Miners looked like they already knew they had the game won. Their NBA style didn't fare well versus a scrappy, hustling '09 Aggie squad who I'd compare to a bunch of Iverson's.