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UTEP 25, NMSU 18 7:28 left
The Aggies did a good job withstanding the Miners first push, but they went nearly four minutes without scoring before six straight from Gillenwater

UTEP 29, NMSU 28 3:34
After a 4 of 21 start, the Aggies start to heat up. Jahmar Young hit a 3 against the Miners' 3-2 zone and then Laroche found him in transition on the left wing for another 3 to make it 29-28 and force Barbee to call a timeout. Arnett Moultrie is at the foul line out of the media timeout with two shots

UTEP 39, NMSU 33
Very big development in the tunnel as the teams left the court. I'm still trying to sort it out. It appears McKines and Culpepper were jawing as the teams left the court, drawing a double technical. It's huge for the Miners, because Culpepper was ejected with his second technical of the game after drawing one after a monstrous dunk early in the game.

UTEP 61, NMSU 45 11:16
The Aggies couldnt take care of the Culpepper ejection. UTEP opened the half on a 13-4 run. The Aggies are out of sync offensively. They cut it to 54-45 but the Miners have scored the last seven points

UTEP 69, NMSU 49 7:15
It appears the Miners were willing to take their chances with Hamidu Rahman and Troy gillenwater. Those are the only players to score, as the Aggies guards are a non factor. Gibson and Young are a combined 2 of 9

UTEP 84, NMSU 69


Anonymous said...

why did culpepper get a "t"?

Anonymous said...

i think it is fortunate that the game is decently close, especially since the Aggies are not playing that well.

Anonymous said...

I knew NM State would play as bad as they did. I have nothing personal against Menzies, but I don't think he's qualified to run a Division I program. I feel like Nolan Richardson would have been the best choice.

NM State is loaded with talent and Menzies doesn't know how to develop that talent. Last year he inherited a top 25 caliber team from Theus and he couldn't even lead them to the NIT. I don't expect NM State to make the NCAA anytime soon under Menzies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21

You sir, are stupid. Richardson? You wanted that baggage?

Who brought the talent here by the way?

Last years team wasn't a team. It was a collection of egos collected by Mr. Ego himself Reggie Theus. NOthing against Theus' teams, he could handle them, but it wasn't exactly pretty. Or balanced.

Marvin is going to be a great coach. The talent HE is RECRUITING is going to special. I can't believe the criticism against such a young team who continues to improve. It's a STUPID statement.

Anonymous said...


I hope you continue doing these live blogs.

Anonymous said...

First off, all the media that made a big deal of only 8,000 people show up at the Pan Am need to be quiet since only 8,500 showed up at UTEP. There was definetely disappointment because of the loss and how the team played but there were bright spots. I think that if Gillenwater doesnt pull a Pope and leave after this year he has a great future ahead of him here. Hamidu and Gabriel are both very weak and not to take credit from Hamidu but UTEP's big guys made him look like an all star out there. I dont think he should be starting instead of Wen but eh. Its not like Wen had a big game and Gibson shouldnt have bothered showing up. Pathetic display from him last night. I still dislike Castillo and I just dont see him as a factor at all. He has his little runs here and there but most of the time he is in check and doesnt really shoot a lot (how many shots did he take last night?) I'm just antsy to get that first win on the road and it will be a tough game this Tuesday. Hopefully the team can work most of its kinks by the time conference comes around and we can do good.


Jason Groves said...

Anon, you got it. As long as I am in attendance, i will do live updates

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't need anyone calling me stupid.

Nolan Richardson is a great coach with a national championship on his resume. Menzies coached at a city college for 20 years. I don't think losing to UTEP, Long Beach State and N. Texas is "improving" at all. All three of those teams are mediocre. UTEP beat up on a Texas Tech team that lost to crappy Lamar just prior to playing UTEP.

Last year NM State should have dominated the WAC and made the NCAA, 21-14 was horrible for their talent and experience level. This year's record of 5-5 is pathetic with the weak teams they are playing. USC isn't even a ranked team anymore and Kansas is not even close to last year's team that won the national title. People in Las Cruces are so gullible and uneducated on what a good coach is.

Boston can't pick a decent football coach and it's the same with basketball. NM State is turning into a national laughing stock. All my friends in Texas make fun of NM State because they know I grew up in Lost Causes, oops, I mean Las Cruces. It's embarrassing. I don't wear any NM State stuff anymore like I used to when I first moved to San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I can't believe how "STUPID" you sound. A team with no seniors (scholarship) and only one junior and you expect them to beat USC and Kansas? UTEP on the road? Man if these kids stick together they are going to be a force for the next few years and Menzies put these guys together and can coach. You haters out there make me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:59,
Jimmy suggests wearing some burnt orange if you want to support a winner?
NMSU has been in the national spotlight more for losing than winning. Check this link:

Ags actually had a winning season that year (six wins)after SI picked them LAST in the country. Marvin Menzies should be offered the football job, too, just on the basis of the job he's doing with b-ball. All Doc Boston needs is to do is let Lasso Larry go, then you'd have some shooting irons on your NMSU gear and your San Antonio buddies might back-off.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anon, I can't belive how STUPID you are. I never said they should have beat USC or Kansas, but they should have beat Long Beach, N. Texas and UTEP both times. Menzies did a "great" coaching job by having his players dribble around for 28 seconds while never taking a shot at the end of the loss to N. Texas. I played basketball in high school and even the worst player on our bench knew how to take a last second shot. I used to coach fifth graders and even they knew what to do in a close game.

I was born and raised in Las Cruces and I know all about NM State's history and I can guarantee you I've spent more money going to Aggie games than you Las Cruces and road games. I have a right to voice my opinion on Menzies. If you can remember idiot, Theus took those same "ego maniacs" to the NCAA tourney and almost beat Texas. Menzies had an NCAA ready team handed to him last year and he didn't do crap.

Anyone who thinks Mezies is a better coach than Nolan Richardson is a total moron. Richardson applied for the job and he was snubbed by the stupid, delusional administration at NM State.

You people in Las Cruces are total idiots. I'm glad I'm a Texan now and I'm glad I graduated from a Texas school. Growing up in Las Cruces watching the loser Aggies was pathetic. Go Longhorns!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, for your info Anon, last year I traveled to Albuquerque to see NM State play the Lobos in the Pit. By chance I sat next to someone from the athletic department at NM State. He started a conversation with me and he asked me as a fan what I thought of Menzies. I was honest and said Richardson should have been chosen. He told me he had been one of the people who assisted Boston in the selection of Menzies and and even he admitted that they might have made a mistake. So you can blow it out your ear Anon. I'm done with this podunk blog. Later.

Anonymous said...

As a native Las Crucen you should be well aware that the reason the wind blows so hard here is because Texas sucks!

oh...and, Merry Christmas, everyone!

- Tiny Tim

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Texas's why with the exception of UTEP, NM State can never compete with any Texas university in any sport. People in Las Cruces are delusional.