Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shot in the arm

Here is a snippet from my advance story on the Prairie View A&M game, but I'm sure this is what everyone wants to know.

After practicing with 11 players thus far, the Aggies hope to gain an influx and the depth that comes with it.
Freshman scholarship point guard Terrance Joyner and freshman guard Makhtar Diop could dress tonight. Diop and Joyner each arrived last spring, but have yet to suit up.
Joyner figures to add some depth at the point guard position, which freshman Hernst Laroche has played, almost exclusively, thus far.
“We have to wait until all of his grades get posted, and once his grades are posted, he will be eligible to play,” Menzies said. “Just because he is eligible to play doesn’t mean he is going to play. He doesn’t know the plays. It’s going to take a little time. People have to be patient and understand that.”
Menzies believes it is likely Joyner, and perhaps even guard Makhtar, could suit up tonight.
“I have a feeling that he will,” Menzies said. “I think the grades have to be in tonight at midnight. Given he has the right grade point average and so forth, he will join us officially. Makhtar is in the same boat.”
Joyner practiced for the first time on Saturday and the Aggies were off on Monday, so Tuesday was his second practice.
“We do need to try to get him minutes and we have to get him practice time and reps,” Menzies said. “He seems to be in shape. He has done a good job taking care of his conditioning so we will see where it goes from there.”

The biggest thing about this to me is not only the depth that it adds, but like coach said, the practice bodies. It's probably hard to do everything you want to do in practice when you only have 11 guys on the court and having Joyner and Laroche go at each other in practice will make both guys better.

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