Monday, December 29, 2008

Lobos game

Some on the previous post were talking about attendance for Tuesday's game. on Monday afternoon, i was told that 8,000 tickets were sold and that the pan am ticket office would open at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

At practice, Wendell McKines hesitated a second and then said he was disappointed in Cruces recently, before saying he believes there will be a good turnout on Tuesday. Players play regardless, but that home court certainly hurt the Aggies in Albuquerque because Menzies and players talked about how they couldn't hear down the stretch when the game was lost. even If just 8000 show up on Tuesday, it's enough to make a difference since the UTEP game in El Paso was right around there I would say and although smaller than most Miners crowds, it created a hostile environment.


Anonymous said...

Reggie/Marvin profiles (source Wikipedia):
Reggie - doesn't have to play top seed Nevada, narrowly beats UTags thanks to unsungs Gibson and Knauber.
feels underpaid compared to WAC coaches; UNLV, NBA, Pitno ties.
quits on his seniors for money and subsequently fired from NBA

Marvin - beats Nevada handily and then goes 3 0T's against determined Boise State team (102-107). Allows seniors to play their game. Great effort,worth admission.
head coach at NMSU; UCLA and Pitino ties,
doesn't complain about salary and focused on teaching the game.

I anticipate that after the Aggies come away with a W tonight, you'll see strong perfomances again vs WAC opponents on Sat., Mon., and next Thurs (Nevada at Pan Am) and nest Sat. (UTags at Pan Am)...

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that both our rivalry games have been scheduled during the Christmas Holiday. Most NMSU students do not reside in Las Cruces and are not around during the break. The community needs to step up and go to games, period.

With that said, attendance for a rivalry game should always be around 10K, or more.

Anon at 12:08 - good post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Annon 12:08 did you forget we Beat Boise last year In regular season Even at their place. An lose the big game at home. Lets be real Theus took us to the NCAAs and menzies faild to win with a better more talented team. Let not for get the passion cruces had under Theus and the lack of passion under menzies. O yeah we also beat Navada that year and they were top 10 in the country. Please do your WiKI search for some facts and do something more productive cause you dont know what you are talking about. Please Pray this season gets better!!

PS. Ur wrong we lost tonight!!!