Saturday, November 2, 2013

Odds and ends

Sunday the Aggies host Tulsa in this year's super duper 'secret' scrimmage before opening the season on Friday in Hawaii against Western Michigan.

I have to say these scrimmages are great for the involved teams, but the way the NCAA justifies them is kind of silly. So the teams involved can't discuss them, publicize them or profit from them, but teams are traveling to these things arent they? So schools can't make money from these but they can spend money on their budget for them. Am I missing something. Maybe I'm just bitter because it would be nice to see the Aggies take on a real team than sitting through a Western exhibition game.

Here is a story on Tulsa's exhibition game. Here is their roster.

One thing Western was able to do was beat the Aggies big guys up and down the court. Just looking at Tulsa's roster, their biggest player is 6-9 and I'm assuming they are more athletic than WNMU. Teams are going to be able to run against the Aggies if they have the players to do so and especially if the Aggies go big with Bhullar and Nephawe at the same time.

Regarding a little coaching gamesmanship, NMSU didn't stream the exhibition game. NMSU marketing said the Aggies first two opponents didn't agree to exchange film. That's not necessarily true. The Tennessee State media relations guy said they did plan to exchange film so there is that. The bottom line is in the early stages of the season, it's common to try to get a little advantage. if one team can see another team play without exchanging film, then so be it.


Anonymous said...

So, any news from the super duper secret scrimmage?

Jason Groves said...

I actually heard the Aggies got the better of Tulsa, or maybe even were even on the day. That's a good thing because Tulsa is a very athletic undersized teams, similar to the post players the Aggies will face come conference time.