Friday, November 8, 2013

Three keys and a prediction: Western Michigan

My guess at an Aggies starting lineup:
Sim Bhullar, Chili Nephawe, DK Eldridge, Daniel Mullings, KC Ross-Miller

Prediction: New Mexico State 74, Western Michigan 65

Three point line: From NMSU's standpoint, the key for every game this season will be to determine how teams want to play the Aggies big guys. If they try to pack it in or play zone, NMSU needs to knock down some 3s like they did in the exhibition game. Defensively, Western shot 33 percent from 3 point range. The Aggies did a nice job defending the 3 last year. I think they should be better there this year.

Rebounding: Western New Mexicohad 12 offensive rebounds. Some of that is because they shot so many perimeter shots. The Aggies need to grab those and get the transition offense going.

Transition defense: Western New Mexico had some luck beating Bhullar and Nephawe up and down the court. I don't know how mobile 6-11 Western Michigan center Shayne Whittington is, but the Aggies probably won't crash the boards with three or four guys like they have in the past, especially when the two big guys are playing together.S

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Anonymous said...

The pre-season bubble is burst...oh well...the wac so far has 1 victory we are not alone in the loser's column.

It is easy to get all excited with preordained accolades...the reality is that this is an MM coached team...I mean how on earth can you have a guy with good hands who is 7 foot 5! who gets 5 shots in a game??? How does that even happen?

Don't worry....soon we will be playing Western New Mexico level talent (in the WAC) and we will look dominant again...all the way to the dance baby when the bubble will be burst again!

Then MM and Boston and many of the Aggie faithful can say the season was a success, and MM has been to the big dance 3 out of 4 years...WOWWWW and ignore that the level of competition was below junior varsity!

The rap on MM is the same as always...great recruiter, nice guy, not a great coach!

Sorry guys....