Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three keys and a prediction: Tennessee State

Marvin Menzies said the Aggies needed to win at least 2 games this weekend in Hawaii in order to get something out of the trip. I think they beat Tennessee State 72-50 tonight.

Feed the big guys: Marvin Menzies talked about the lack of productivity from the Aggie guards and that's true, but I think he was more upset by the fact that Chili Nephawe and Sim Bhullar combined for just 16 field goal attempts. Nephawe had a career high 18 points on the night. Bhullar should be the focal point of the Aggies every night.

Guard the 3: This was the only way Western Michigan could have beaten NMSU, especially since their best player, center Shayne Whittington, who is apparently suspended by the NCAA. Western Michigan made six 3s in the second half and 10 for the game. It didn't help any that NMSU was 1-11 from long range. I didn't see the game, so I don't know if Western Michigan was making open shots or not, but they obviously weren't shy, shooting 25 of them. Tennessee State will also need something special to happen to beat the Aggies. Tenn. St. lost by 30 to Hawaii on Friday. They were 1-15 from 3-point range. Aggies need a similar percentage tonight.

Free throw shooting: NMSU showed that they will continue to get to the foul line,  and perhaps even more so with the new rules. But they need to do better than 25-40.

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