Saturday, November 30, 2013

Colorado State: Three keys unlocked

Here is a look back at my three keys and  how they played out in New Mexico State's 85-83 loss at Colorado State on Saturday.

It doesn't look good with Remi Barry's knee injury. Barry went down with a left knee injury in the first half. I asked Marvin Menzies if Barry is out for an extended period of time, what roster moves he could make. He said if Ian Baker is cleared to play, the Aggies would play smaller.

Rebounding: The Aggies didn't get it done here. CSU outrebounded NMSU 41-34 with 18 offensive rebounds that helped CSU score 18 second chance points. NMSU shot 52 percent and made 10 3-pointers, but with the 18 offensive rebounds and the Aggies 20 turnovers, Colorado State had 15 more field goal attempts than the Aggies. Giving up offensive rebounds has kept some games closer than they needed to be this year.

3-point line: Colorado State was just 4-14 and NMSU went off for 10 3s, led by DK Eldridge going 6-6 from long range. It didn't matter for the above reasons.

Free throw line: NMSU was 13-21 (62 percent) from the line and Colorado State was 21-29 (72 percent) from the line. What didn't go the Aggies way was staying out of foul trouble. Chili Nephawe fouled out against JJ Avila, who scored 23 of his 29 points in the second half. Kind of surprised Dixon didn't get more time at the four.


Max said...

21 turnovers will kill you every time. Add those to the fact that CSU outworked and outhustled the Aggies, and you've got a loss. I was proud of the Aggies effort, but they definitely have some things to clean up. Did you hear the moron ROOT announcer who was adamant that the Aggies screwed up by not fouling in the last 7 seconds of a tie game? I thought the idea was to play defense in a tie game, not foul. Guy was a total tool. Next time on ROOT, I'm gonna MUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Aggies have a good team, I just wish they could have left CSU with a win. That would have been a good victory on their resume around tournament time. Been waiting for the program to start winning road games against solid mid-major teams. Hopefully they take care of the lobos.

Anonymous said...

I liked the CSU match up. That is a team with a level we should be playing in our league. We should see a team as good as them 8-10 times in the conference schedule.

As it is, we are lucky to have played them at all. I didn't see the game, but from accounts it seems that we lost the game as much as CSU won it.

Oh Well.

Maybe we will learn from it and surprise some people in the next few weeks.

One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened about Barry, great guy, and he was working harder than ever this season. His teammates need to step up and win big against Lobos!! We have faith in you guys! Menzies needs to tell his men to flash more, we have great shooters. Dixon does need to stay in more, hopefully he will use him more now that Barry is hurt. Keep hustling Aggies! We're rooting for you!!