Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Menzies on opening weekend/UTEP

New Mexico State returned home this morning for an evening film session and practice tomorrow before Friday's UTEP game.

In addition to the two wins, the Aggies trip proved that perhaps this year's team is deeper than past teams. Tuesday was certainly the Aggies' best game of the Hawaii tournament and I think that's because they played through Sim Bhullar and Daniel Mullings. But Tuesday's victory still included a career high 18 points from Remi Barry and one of KC Ross-Miller's best games in a NMSU uniform. He was OK but closed the game out strong hitting a key jumper and going 10 for 10 at the foul line in the last 37 seconds. Barry averaged 9.3 points per game, shot 59 percent and averaged 4.7 rebounds in Hawaii and that includes limited playing time in the middle game against Tennessee State. Barry has always shown the ability to score but the rebounding number is a step in the right direction to find more minutes in a crowded frontcourt.

Chili Nephawe got off to a great start in the first two games before foul trouble limited him in the third game against Hawaii. Nephawe averaged 11 points and 8 rebounds in Hawaii.

"We won with multiple contributions," Menzies said. "The fact that on any potential night, anyone can contribute is a good thing."

From Western Michigan's offensive sets to Hawaii's run and gun playing style, the Aggies three opponents offered something different.

"We came out to win all three and didn't reach that goal," Menzies said. "After the first game it was a reality check that we have a long way to go."

Entering a UTEP game where Miners coach Tim Floyd has surprised the Aggies before with defensive schemes (box and 1 on Wendell McKines) playing Hawaii, coached by former Floyd assistant Gib Arnold.

"We got three different looks and I think it could be good preparation for the rest of the non conference," Menzies said. "Especially playing a true road game against Hawaii and playing against Gib since he's a Floyd guy."

This happened last time the Miners were in the Pan Am.

Menzies is hoping for another good turnout in the team's home opener.

"We are hoping that a successful road trip that ended with a true road win at Hawaii , we are hoping that the fans will respond," Menzies said. "I know that the loyal Aggies fans will be there but hopefully some of those people who don't normally come out will show their support as well."

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Anonymous said...

I thought the Aggies looked good during this three game stretch. I'm not surprised they dropped a game since they are working in a few new players.

Why does Remi Barry not start for this team? Do you know of a reason, because every time he gets significant minutes, he produces. He filled in rather well for Tyrone Watson last season and looked very good against Hawaii. He may not be a physical forward, but he clearly has the talent to make this team much better.