Monday, February 20, 2012


With two weeks left, here are some developing trends with the Aggies and in the Western Athletic Conference.

Trending upward:
NMSU RPI: The Aggies improved to No. 66 in the RPI, up from 74 entering the weekend. If the Aggies win the WAC Tourney, RPI could help improve the seeding, although not by much. Aggies were No. 51 in the RPI in 2009-10, earning a No. 12 seed. Their RPI was 69 in 2007, also a No. 12 seed. If it doesn't work out in Vegas, this web site has the Aggies hosting a NIT game vs. Oregon. 

Aggies 3-point shooting — Here is my story from Monday on the Aggies' 3-point shooting. Against Utah State and Drake, NMSU is shooting 58 percent from long range. Do we expect that kind of shooting to continue? of course not. But knocking them down early can really pay off for later in the game. NMSU was 5-7 from 3-point land in both games and led at the half as a result, letting their size and length take over in the second half.

Tyrone Watson dropping dimes: Watson is averaging 5.4 apg over the last seven games and 3.2 on the season. That includes six against Fresno State, seven twice (vs. La Tech and Drake) and eight against Idaho. By comparison, Hernst Laroche, who is 7th in the WAC with 3.6 apg, is averaging 3.7 apg during that span.

Nevada on the road: Nevada is the only WAC team unbeaten on the road in conference play. The Wolf Pack have survived a few scares along the way, but they are 6-0 on the road with only a trip to 3-8 Fresno State remaining. NMSU and Hawaii are each 3-2 on the road (Hawaii with a big road trip this week, at NMSU and La. Tech). Nevada closes the season against Fres, La. Tech and NMSU.

Kyle Barone: The WAC's Player of the Week has averaged 15 ppg and 9.5 rpg on 56 percent shooting in Idaho's last four WAC games. He just dropped 25 and 8 on Portland over the weekend.

Trending downward:
Remi Barry: At this point, can we agree that Barry's role on this team is as a spot up shooter? He's shown some nice flashes, but has cooled down as of late, shooting 2-8 from 3-point range the past three games. He's got a nice shot and it would be nice for him to join McKines, Laroche and Sy as 3-point threats at this point.

Louisiana Tech: Once a dangerous little team, the Bulldogs have lost four straight WAC games to fall to 3-7 in the WAC and will finish likely at 6th or 7th. La Tech closes the season vs San Jose, versus Hawaii, at Fresno, at Nevada. I would say only one of those is an Auto win.

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2007 the Aggies were a 13 seed against Texas.