Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conversational thread

Since I don't have much to add on tonight's NMSU vs. Northern New Mexico tilt, I was hoping to prompt some conversation regarding the future of the WAC and Saturday's hoops game vs. Drake.

First regarding the WAC, from a personal standpoint I would love to see NMSU get into the MWC/CUSA merged league from a basketball standpoint, it would add another layer to the UNM/UTEP rivals, bring back former league rivalry with UNLV and make for some great matchups throughout the league schedule, although the Aggies wouldn't be considered a contender for a league title each and every year like they are in the WAC. This and the fact that it doesn't appear to be a strong football league and NMSU doesnt have a strong football program.

Today's news that WAC commish Karl Benson is in fact going to jump ship makes me think that NMSU should do something, even if it doesn't mean the new league. There are some who are glad that Benson is leaving. Perhaps it's because I'm new to the area but I believed Benson to have done a solid job in recent years at least despite the day and age of constant conference realignment. 

Onto Drake. Drake ended a three-game losing streak on Sunday, beating Evansville to improve to 14-12 and 7-8 in the Missouri Valley Conference. Drake now has a RPI rating of 128 but at least according to what I saw on Sunday, it will be a good game for the Aggies. It will be a very tough game if Drake shoots the 3 on Saturday like they did vs. Evansville. But it was a season-high 11 3s and I don't know how good Evansville is. What did stand out is that Drake has three guards who could be productive WAC players and a decent, yet undersized post in 6-8 junior Jordan Clarke, who is averaging 6.4 ppg and 6.5 rpg.Ben Simons is a 6-8 junior who is second on the team at 16.1 ppg and is a 41 percent 3-point shooter but he hasn't played since Feb. 1. The ESPNU announcers said he had mono at the time. If he joins the team that drained 11 3s, watch out. Sophomore guard Rayvonte Rice averages 16.4 ppg, not the greatest shooter but he got into the paint and is a strong (6-4, 240 pounds) slashing type. 

I compare this team to a more skilled version at the guard and PF position than Louisiana Tech. It could be a high scoring game as both teams average at least 67 possessions per 40 minutes.

Lastly, Here is a link that has the Aggies as a NIT lock if things don't work out in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

I for one would like to see the Aggies back in the MVC...but, like you Jason, I have been thinking for a while now that they need to make a move soon!

Anonymous said...

Won't the Aggies have to pay a hefty penalty if they leave the conference?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carl. When the conference needs you the most, you bail. Under YOUR leadership, the WAC is what it is today.

You, sir, are a piece of work. (Replace "work" with any other four letter expletive you like.)

Good riddance and may you get all you deserve.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies have to get invited to be in the MWC. And that isn't happening with UNM blocking the way.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Carl Benson and I believe that he has done more to hurt the conferernce over the last 3 years than he has done to help it. Also don't forget that he has been the demise of this conference before. If you remember he was the commish when the MWC broke off from the WAC. He has been a cancer for way too long and the university presidents also felt this way last year when they voted against a contract extension for Benson which is why he has been activly looking for a new job.

Anonymous said...

It's Karl to you whiners. Don't forget it.