Monday, February 27, 2012

Seeding scenarios from Wasson's blog

If Nevada were to lose to both New Mexico State and Louisiana Tech they would still earn the 1-seed due to a sweep of Hawai'i. The Aggies and Wolf Pack would have split the head-to-head meetings and both teams split with Idaho. (WAC Tiebreaker Regulation 4). The Aggies would face Fresno State in the first round.
The Aggies would face Louisiana Tech in the 1st round if the loss came to Fresno State AND Fresno State also defeated Louisiana Tech (the two teams meet Thursday). If the loss came to Nevada the Aggies would face Fresno State in the 1st round.
The Aggies would earn 2-seed if Idaho lost at either Hawai'i (Thursday) or San Jose State (Saturday). The Aggies would face Louisiana Tech in the 1st round if Louisiana Tech lost to Fresno State on Thursday but would face Fresno State if Louisiana Tech were to defeat Fresno State on Thursday.
Not exactly the kind of momentum the Aggies would want heading into the WAC Tournament but the Aggies went 0-2 in the final week of the season in 2009-10 and wound up winning the WAC Tournament.
The Aggies earn 3-seed in this scenario if Idaho were to go 2-0 this week defeating Hawai'i and San Jose State. The Aggies and Vandals split the regular season meetings but Idaho would own the tiebreaker due to their split with Nevada. (WAC Tiebreaker Regulation 3). The Aggies face Louisiana Tech if Fresno State defeats Louisiana Tech on Thursday. The Aggies face Fresno State if they lose to Louisiana Tech.

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Mike said...

Hey Jason,
I don't live in Cruces and have only been back once since I graduated in 1996. Please help me understand why people don't go to the games anymore.
So NMSU spends all this money on a new court, new seating configurations for better viewing. And about 7 years ago poured millions into the Pan Am with a new concourse, practice facilities, score board etc, etc....
I went to school 1992-1996 and the first couple years, Aggie basketball was fanatic. We kept warm (with our flasks) outside the Pan Am for hours with hundreds of other students, just waiting for the doors to open so we could run down to the front row and get the best seats in the student section (which was on the sideline).
Why the heck do they have the student section on the baselines only? Please someone give me a reason why they do this. Why isnt the AD's marketing department camped out in front of the library on campus giving out Aggie coozies and other stuff pumping up the week's big game? And what in the heck are the 100,000 plus residents of Las Cruces doing on a Saturday night instead of going to an Aggie basketball game? Please tell me what is more entertaining and community driven event than a cheap ticket to see a very exciting product? I can't think of a better time than Chope's for dinner and a NMSU hoops game after. And nobody even shows up to send off these 3 seniors on senior night. There are much smaller schools with much worse teams with none of the tradition the Aggies have that pack their arena on most nights.This team has been playing top 25 basketball for the last month or so and nobody knows (except for us). What has happened in Las Cruces?

Anonymous said...

I remember being a student and watching the likes of Larry Bird of Indiana State and Antoine Carr/Cliff Livingston of Wichita State...notable pros, from the student section of the Pan Am when the student section was the center section of the west side of the court. Great seats and tremendous attendance.

Something sure took the air out of the fans. Not sure if the times were changing and fan interest waned or university administration started doing something different or stopped doing something all together. A lot of games were sell outs.

Then came the McCarthy era, and there was some excitement. After that, not so much until Reggie showed up.

Been a little quiet the last four or five years.

Anonymous said...

I think the student section needs to be changed back until the "paying" public shows that they need more seats.

Compared to those years (I also graduated in 97), the Pan Am is a ghost town. I still make a couple of games a year, but I get frustrated at the lack of attendance, and old farts telling me to sit down.

I will say that the students that show up do a great job, but there simply isn't enough of them.

The economy certainly plays a role, but I can't figure out why a town that has grown by 30,000 since then, gets less than half of the attendance that it used to.

Anonymous said...

I started attending Aggie basketball games in the mid-70s, right after the Henson era and all those successes. You know, there was a time in the early 70s when NMSU, UTEP, and UNM were all Top Ten teams.

As a life-long fan, I've been to the Pan Am when it was jammed and when it was near-to empty.

Here's the thing, though: some times nostalgia can be one of the most dangerous of emotions. Check out this link,

It lists attendance figures going back well over 40 years. On average, for what was once a 13,000-plus arena (it's now less than 9,000), the Aggies pulled in 7,395 fans over that span. During the Menzies era, though, it seems like that accounting's become pretty creative (hence "reported attendance" figures).

For example, over this last home-stand, it was reported that the "reported attendance" for each game was well over 5,000, but I was there and can't see how the real attendance approached 2,700. Trust me. I counted.

But, getting back to the "why" of your question. Why's attendance been down lately? And I ain't got nothing.