Friday, February 10, 2012

Just win a big game

You can't take anything away from New Mexico State beating the conference teams they were supposed to win. We all expected them to take care of business against the bottom half teams and they've done that so far. The current road trip provided two chances for good road wins in league play.

I still think the Aggies can win three games in March. But why should I or anyone else for that matter expect them to do so if they can't beat the top half teams? To date, the Aggies' best conference win was against Idaho at home. The Vandals returned the favor on Thursday in Moscow, holding the Aggies to a season low 58 points in a 59-58 victory. To be clear, Idaho is a good team. But the Vandals are a team the Aggies needed to sweep this year. They could have been in contention with splits against Nevada and Hawaii.

Championship teams win these games on the road. Nevada's done it, Idaho has done it. Hawaii beat NMSU on the island.

Fortunately for the Aggies, they have more opportunity to pick up a "big" conference win than any team, starting Saturday at Utah State. USU is certainly down, but it's still Logan and still a venue where the Aggies haven't won in six years.

Pick up a win on Saturday on national TV at Utah State, and it will be a good first step to showing the Aggies are a championship caliber team. Until they do, it is clearly Nevada and everyone else.


Anonymous said...

shame in the last minutes of the game that we miss the front end of free throws and don't get the ball inside for better shots.

Arturo said...

Horrible execution in the last few minutes of each half. It's a 40 minute game guys, not 34 or 35.

Anonymous said...

Still can't win a big game on the road. What make us think we can win Sat night? This team WILL NOT make WAC final!!! Nevada won at Hawaii, something NMSU couldn't do. And we keep hoping we can pull off a road win when we need to??? REALLY!!!