Friday, March 21, 2008

New Idaho Coach

Idaho has announced the hiring of Utah State assistant Don Verlin. Verlin has spent 16 years with Stew Morrill at Colorado State and Utah State for 10. Don't know much other than that, but I think George Pfeifer did a solid job late in the season with Idaho. I know the program had a lot of player turnover from Pfeifer's first to second year there, but it seems the Vandals were on the right track. Now another coaching change.

I've seen people who called for Menzies firing at times this season. How long do you give him, considering this season. If he doesn't win next year, do you as fans think they should continue a coaching carousel or does Menzies have a few years to build?


Anonymous said...

Think Menzies should be given a four year window to establish his system.

Almost all of the current Aggie players were recruited by Theus. I think Aggie fans should allow Menzies to bring in his own players and coach them before we pass judgement on his head coaching ability.

Anonymous said...

You never fire a coach without giving him at least 3 years.

The job needs to remain attractive to other suitors.

No up and coming candidate is going to take a job where the university isn't willing to give them a fair chance and making the program their own.

Disgruntled fans need to remember this isn't *THEIR* team, they're no the Athletic Director or even the coach himself for a reason.

They're not qualified to make those decisions. Leave it to the professionals armchair assassins.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is winning.

Menzies had the best roster and home court advantage in the WAC and we are all watching Boise get mauled (ha, ha,) by Lousville.

Reggie was here two years and did wonders w/ Lou Henson's kids.
Menzies inherited a gem and BLEW it! He get's a one year pass but, next year, he better get his coaching together.

I'm watching the NCAA tourney and I would love to see Menzies show 1/2 the intensity from the coaches on TV!

Anonymous said...

Menzie needs to be given another 3 years before we pass any judgement. I am not going to go into this seasons problems and of what he should have done with the talent left from Theus. This season is over. I know one thing, Menzies is a good recruiter and for the next couple of years it will be us or Nevada fighting for the WAC title. Blowing your stack on the sidelines and jumping up and down does not make you a great coach. I could not care less about Menzies antics on the sidelines. His style is different from Theus. Let him do the coaching with his own style. You all are living in the past with Theus antics of jumping on scorers and screaming into the mike. Support the team and give the visting team hell like we did during the WAC tournament.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm an idiot and barely figured out yesterday how to post stuff on this blog, I'm reposting what I inserted in Teddy's blog a week or two back. It was meant for this post and question.

Antics or no antics is irrelevant, but intensity is VERY relevant. Menzies followed Theus, and fair or unfair, he will be compared to RT. RT did wonders with inferior talent his first year; Menzies disappointed with superior talent his first year. And I keep hearing all this talk about his recruiting prowess. Time will tell if Menzies can bring in talent the likes of Peete, Hawkins, Passos, Pope, JY, and Gibson. I for one am suspect that he can match RT in recruiting. It's one thing to recruit for yourself at NMSU, and another to recruit for Louisville, where the kid will be playing for a legend like Pitino. Menzies no longer has that ace in the hole. RT could get kids to come to NMSU by using his NBA experience as a recruiting edge.

Recruiting aside, the WAC definitely has HCs who can coach. After year one, Menzies coaching skills are suspect, as is his judgement in picking a staff. But I do agree he needs more time and should have at least three years. I see where Boston gave Menzies an A-. Let's hope that's just puplic consumption speak, and internally he's made it clear he expects better. With the best talent in a weak WAC and home court advantage, "disapointing" is how I describe the season; therefore a grade of C- is more appropriate.
-Aggie Glare