Saturday, March 29, 2008

Herb Pope and Coach Spence

Just a couple of news items looking forward this summer. According to Herb Pope's attorney, Pope will enter a program for first time offenders that will eventually erase the DUI from his criminal record. Personally I believe Pope will remain out of trouble, regardless of if if remains in Las Cruces still remains to be seen, but to be honest, he didn't light the WAC on fire in his short time on the court, so that could end up helping Menzies and the Aggies keeping him around, even if other schools are interested.
Darin Spence will get a new deal, most likely after the NMSU Board of Regents meet again April 9, approving McKinley Boston's recomendation. Well deserved after the year he had, and despite a couple of key losses, the women's team could be more athletic and better in the backcourt next year.


Anonymous said...

Pope's a good kid that made a bad decision. He has a chance to clean up his record and walk a straight life!

Good for Spence and give him credit. His back was against the wall and his team responded.
He deserves a bigger contract!

Anonymous said...

I too was not impressed with Pope's overall season. But he sure did come on in the WAC tourney, in particular beginning with the 2nd half of the Nevada game. Now strong performances for one and half games does not a season make, but considering the competition and stakes, it sure suggests Pope will be a stud. Maybe his off the court behavior will scare other schools off. I sure hope he stays out of trouble, and stays at NMSU.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

True about Pope not lighting up the WAC, but I'm hoping we got a glimpse from the two biggest games of the year (Nevada & Boise St. in the WAC tourney). He averaged 19 points & 11 boards when it mattered the most, and he tried to take over the game when Hawkins was AWOL against BSU.

He definitely played like a freshmen for the most part (which he was don't forget), but the guy deserves some slack here. Between the shooting, the NCAA Clearing House, the DUI, and taking 10-15games to get integrated to the team, Pope had a very good season. A clean offseason should allow him to realize his potential and put his talent on display. I predict a Player of the Year type season in 2009.

Jason Groves said...

correction to my post. the regents meet May 9

Anonymous said...

I'm a long time booster at NMSU for the women"s teams. The job Coach Spence has done with what was a "mess" of a program is amazing to me. He has fought internal and external road blocks to build a program that has grown in every area. It just amazes me to see how this administration works. They again show their lack of support and interest in our women's teams. His new contract should have been done back in January and not in April, or is it May now? How fast did we reward Mumme with an extension for doing nothing?

I really don't know why Coach Jordan, Coach Spence or Coach Rodolph stay at NMSU. They work their tails off only to get treated poorly. Why doesn't our SWA - Maria Roth get off her butt and do her job, which is to help the coaches of our women's teams. I now know why the women's basketball coaches who have won here, the few (Joe McKeon-George Washington U & Mike Petersen - Wake Forest) got out of town.

We have a hard workikng, loyal and caring person in charge of our team and we need to be pulling together to keep him here. This program is now stable and fun to watch, what more do we want!

I am proud to help him raise money and build this program. Martin, Boston and Roth need to step up and take care of business. Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Coach Spence deserves a raise in salary. His women's team had a great year. As for Pope, the second half of the regular season was his time to get into the flow after missing the first half. Pope had great games against Nevada and Boise St in the tourney. He will only get better next year. I look for the Aggies to make another run at the WAC title.

Anonymous said...

Pope is only a freshman, and he avg 11 ppg, and 7rpg, so that is pretty damn good for a freshman. Of course he didn't light it up, because Hawkins was the main guy. I expect to see Pope have a great season next year, and I do expect to see Pope with NMSU next season. Why would he transfer? He would have to sit out a entire year, so why would he do that after all he did to get eligible this year. He is going to be an Aggie, so we shouldn't talk about him transfering, because it isn't going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything saying that Pope will leave?? I hope the young man stays here, stays in school, gets fully recovered, and get internal peace, and then after his JR. year ends up a lottery pick. The last game and a half of the WAC tourney just gave us a peek at what a special talent this kid can be.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to understand what Pope has gone through this past season and how hard it is on a young man his age. I don't know if it is an indication of his character or he just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After recovering from 5 gun shot wounds, which that alone can set a player back, he had the issues with getting cleared to play. So let me remind you Pope didn't even get to practice let alone play at a high level of competition until the end of the season. It will take him some time to adjust to the system and to get back into game shape. I expect next season we can see a much improved player on and off the court. If he can keep his head straight he will have a solid future playing basketball.