Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All Conference

I hate to start the blog on a negative note, but I had a couple thoughts on the All-Conference team. I don't think I have played favorites all season long, but where was Hatila Passos?

Here is a little scenerio. One player averages 13 points per game. The other is seventh in the WAC in rebounding and first in field goal percentage and second in offensive rebounds. The first player is Utah State's Gary Wilkinson and the second is Passos. Wilkinson was on the second team, as was Idaho's Jordan Brooks, which was a head scratcher I thought. Perhaps they look at scoring more,which would punish Passos since he plays on a deeper team.

The other omission was Jahmar Young on the new comer team. Sure, Pope was highly regarded, but he didn't play half of the season, not to mention Young dropped a 33 point game, which at the time was the highest point total of any player in the WAC.

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Anonymous said...

Those were my gripes as well.

The people who pick the all WAC team just don't seem to like NMSU at all.