Friday, March 21, 2008

Recruiting dates

April 16-May 21 Regular signing period. My understanding is the Aggies are still determining which players can afford to pay their own way versus taking up a scholarship. Chris Gabriel signed early, but even he could pay his own way or get some academic help since he is a solid student. Plus Menzies has Terrence Joyner, Faisal Aden, Troy Gillenwater, Robert Lumpkins and Hamidu Rahman to try and get going for next season. I'm going to try to clear those things up in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Gooves, you have a great site. Are the Aggies going after that star player from Hobbs, plus early on there was mentioned about a 6-10 player from Compton High school.

Jason Groves said...

Sorry to take so long. Jeff Taylor from Hobbs is on the Aggies radar, but I don't think he is in the plans for Taylor, who has SEC schools hot on his tail. He also has strong family ties to Texas Tech, so even if the Aggies did go after him, they would have some stiff competitiojn for a kid who until recently, didn't even live in New Mexico. I believe guard Allen Tate is someone the Aggies should go for. Tate is was a senior year at Hobbs I bellieve, and has improved and grown physically in the last two years to about 6-6. He played the point as a junior, but I think he moved to the shooting guard last year. Edgar Garibay from Compton has fallen down the Aggies wish list I believe, and UNLV has pushed to the top of his list.

Anonymous said...

Saw this week where Taylor has narrowed his choices down to three schools. Texas looks to be the favorite.
-Aggie Glare