Monday, March 17, 2008


I've seen a lot of people 'grading' Menzies this year. I think there is a lot to being a college basketball coach so there is not one true grade. I would break his performance into three categories and go from there.

Recruiting: B+
He brought in Wendell McKines to play this year and McKines continued to improve throughout the season, really peaking last week during the tournament. But he is just part of what Menzies has already done. He has also added Troy Gillenwater and point guard Terrance Joyner, who originally signed with Arkansas. I think those two highlight a class that will add nicely to next year's team. And Menzies went about it the right way, bringing some players in who might have struggled their first year academically. This way, they can get their grades right and still work out and be around the team.

Game management: C
I think Menzies improved in this area as the season went along. At the beginning of the year, he would let his team play through it if the other team went on a run, but late in the season, he used a timeout here or there to stop the bleeding. I don't think he was outcoached in the championship game, the Aggies just couldn't knock down shots against the zone. As he got used to the personnel that he had, I think the substitution pattern he had was pretty solid. He had a pretty good feel for which one between Jonathan Gibson and Jahmar Young had the hot hand and I thought he used Iti pretty well, letting Passos carry the load. His assistants are also new so I think they will also improve with scouting and developing a gameplan.

Team managment: A-
Menzies got thrown into the fire and I think responded very well. I don't know how a season could have more bumps than this year did, and to get the team to the conference final says a lot. He is a player's coach and I think once he has all of his own players, the off the court problems will decrease. Practice was closed but on the few occasions I was able to watch practice, Menzies runs a pretty tight practice. He also had to deal with a lot of dominating personalities in that lockerroom. The grade would have been an A or A +, but there were some silly things that happened during the course of the season that every program has to deal with.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment of the season and how Menzies did.

Anonymous said...

He gets a one year pass but, it was a very, very dissapointing year!

So was the WAC tournament a success? When do you think it will be back? Is there a next time?

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing, and exciting that you've got your own blog now.

I find your posts and articles much more insightful than Teddifers.

Anonymous said...

Mr Groves-

Can you please do a story on who is going to back on the mens basketball team next year and if what players we are looking to bring in. It has been mentioned that MM is out looking for players next years but it appears we are well over the number we have scholarships for.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Team Management and Game Management scores. I would rate Team Management as D+ and Game management as a C-. Numerous players such as J. Young should have been given a harsher punishments when he left the bench during a game. He also has major issues with his indecent exposure arrest (heard lawyer dropped him due to his disrespectful attitude). Hawkins and Passos were also seen at a party 2:30 am to 4:30am the night before they lost the Boise Game for WAC championship. Menzies does not have control of the team - lacks discipline). Game Management - Menzies got out coach on numerous occasions - should have pressed Boise from the start of the game - also should have played Gordo Castillo more and especial during the first 9 minute drought of the WAC championship. Boise beat NMSU with three Gordo like players.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:31, did you actually see them at the party or do you personally know a person who saw them at the party? I am very curious about this. The rumor is there, and I wish to know if there is any truth to it or is it just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Hawkins and Passos were at that party the night before the big game then I really can't see how Aggie fans can blame Menzies for the team's management problem.

As seniors, Hawkins and Passos are suppose to set good examples for the younger players. If Menzies can't trust his seniors to act responsible then how can we expect Menzies to have complete control over the whole team.