Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reggie Larry

Personally, I thought Reggie Larry was the WAC's MVP this year, but check this out.


Larry was named to the CollegeHoops.net First-Team High-Major All-American. team. Here are all of the teams. A few names of note were Jaycee Carroll to the second team, UNM's J.R. Giddens on the third team, UTEP's Stefon Jackson on the fourth team and Justin Hawkins and Marcelus Kemp among the honorable mention.

CollegeHoops.net First Team High-Major All-American
G: Drew Lavender (Xavier)
G: Robert Vaden (UAB)
F: Gary Forbes (UMass)
F: Reggie Larry (Boise State)
F: Trent Plaisted (BYU)

CollegeHoops.net Second Team High-Major All-American
G: Eric Maynor (VCU)
G: Adam Emmenecker (Drake)
G: Jaycee Carroll (Utah State)
F: Will Thomas (George Mason )
F: Will Daniels (Rhode Island)

CollegeHoops.net Third Team High-Major All-American
G: Jeremy Pargo (Gonzaga)
G: Rob McKiver (Houston)
G: Dionte Christmas (Temple)
F: J.R. Giddens (New Mexico)
F: Pat Calathes (St. Joseph's)

CollegeHoops.net Fourth Team High-Major All-American
G: Brian Robers (Dayton)
G: Josh Young (Drake)
G: Stefon Jackson (UTEP)
G: Lee Cummard (BYU)
F: Josh Duncan (Xavier)

CollegeHoops.net High-Major Honorable Mention:
Wink Adams (UNLV), Antoine Agudio (Hofstra), Matt Bouldin (Gonzaga), Bryant Dunston (Fordham), Osiris Eldridge (Illinois State), Randal Falker (Southern Illinois), Leemire Goldwire (Charlotte), Justin Hawkins (New Mexico State), Marcelus Kemp (Nevada) Jermaine Taylor (Central Florida), Jeremy Wise (Southern Miss)


Anonymous said...

As much as I like J-Hawk, Reggie Larry schooled NMSU on the WAC final.

Let's see what this offseason brings and takes. It will be an interesting few months.

Anonymous said...

I've always had an appreciation for the damage ole Ricky Bobby could do.

If it wasn't for that glory/ball hog Koby Carl, the Broncos could have been better the previous year as well.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and I can't argue he wasn't the best all around player in the WAC, but I think both stefon Jackson and J.R. Giddens were better than Reggie Larry, (especially Giddens).

Anonymous said...

I saw bleedcrimson.net interview Marvin Menzies and he calls the season a success???

I guess being inconsistent all year, finally being over the .500 mark in mid-February, losing in the WAC championship despite homecourt advantage, and no post season play is a reason to be happy!

No doubt that Menzies has lower standards.
Get it together or get in the soup line coach!

Anonymous said...

When you are expected to win the WAC, and can't win the WAC tourney despite the best talent and home court advantage, honorable mention is the best we can expect for a talent like Hawkins. I think it's a shame Peete is no where to be mentioned. And this happens in a season where the WAC was embarrasingly weak. I blame two people for this: RT for leaving, and Menzies for being in over his abilities.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Aggie Glare, how can you blame RT for leaving? The man was looking out for his best interest's. It may have been selfish, but if someone offered you your dream job and more money, wouldn't you take it?

Anonymous said...

RT definitely did what was in his best interest. And he let everyone know the NBA was his dream job. If I were in his shoes, I'd do the same thing. But there is collateral damage, and in this case it was NMSU and great kids/players like Hawkins and Peete who sat out a year to come play for RT.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

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