Saturday, January 18, 2014

UMKC: Three keys and a prediction

Perhaps the Chicago State game will serve as a wake up call that even though New Mexico State is more talented from top to bottom nightly, the Aggies can't count on jumping out to a 20 point lead every night.

NMSU wins and possibly starts another win streak, 85-73

Hang on defensively: Sim Bhullar should return to the lineup next week. Without him in the game, the Aggies have gone from a great defensive team to an average defensive team. When they play small with Renaldo Dixon at the center position, the Aggies have the appearance of another WAC team, completely losing the advantage that helped NMSU get off to a good start this season.

Take care of the ball: Coming off a 19 turnover game against Chicago State, this should be an obvious emphasis. It's make even more critical since UMKC likes to extend pressure full court where they force 15 turnovers per game. Two areas the Aggies were careless with the ball on Thursday with in the post against double teams, which should happen again tonight, or when Aggies guards drove to the paint and gave up the ball.

Score on the interior: Chicago State took Renaldo Dixon out of the game, where he eventually would stay. I think the Aggies need to get Chili Nephawe and Dixon going early on. NMSU is shooting the ball very well right now, but 23 attempts from this team is not how the Aggies were built.


Crazy Canuck said...

Come on Menzies,Dixon scores 30+ points!!!!!

0-2 against D2 teams no discipline or effort which reflects on head coach good luck boys someone needs to light a fire under Menzies bottom.

Its from top to bottom Boston needs to go I was hoping Menzies had a good season so Alabama would pick him up:)

Cal State Northridge,Theus is the name he could right this ship but if you wait to long UNLV will snap him up.

Cheering for you aggies, but its hard with a clueless coach he needs to recruit for Petino for a living!!!!

Goodluck Aggies I bleed crimsom.

Crazy Canuck.

Anonymous said...

Ok, no matter how you slice and dice it, no matter how you rationalize this game, no matter how you say that all we need to do is win 3 in the tourney, remember this:

We just lost to a team called the Kangaroos.

Good night and Good Luck!


Anonymous said...


Last year we lost to a team called the Billikens. If team mascots are supposed to be an indication of how good a team is, then the Chihuahuas sure are in a heap of trouble.


Anonymous said...

Goodbye 10/11 seed, hello 14 seed.

Anonymous said...

Jason, Ithought your article in today's Sun News was excellent. It is on point and focuses on what the Aggies need to move forward. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Just a joke. I find it funny that we lost to the kangaroos. .