Tuesday, January 21, 2014

UMKC: Three keys unlocked

I'm losing confidence in my ability to get close on my predictions. I'm still clinging to my two-loss run through the WAC, even though I didn't imagine either loss to come last weekend.

Hang on defensively: I wrote a column on Sunday addressing the fact that without Sim Bhullar, the Aggies are a below average defensive team right now, ranking sixth in the WAC in field goal percentage. If Sim returns this weekend, the Aggies should start to return to the way they played all year. If not, perhaps the Aggies could change some things.

Take care of the ball: The Aggies only had 12 turnovers and UMKC had 12 so for one game at least, the Aggies didn't give an opponent extra opportunities.

Score on the interior: Renaldo Dixon had a career 33 point game and Chili Nephawe added 14 points. But for some reason, the Aggies guards  didn't pull their weight. DK Eldridge and Daniel Mullings were a combined 2-20 from the floor. NMSU attempted 20 3s per game over the weekend. NMSU needs to find that balance on the offensive end.

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