Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Menzies talks Bhullar, WAC, Seattle

I asked Marvin Menzies Wednesday if they have learned anything new on Sim Bhullar's foot injury this week after the 7-5 sophomore didn't travel to Grand Canyon last weekend.

"I'm not optimistic that he will play (Thursday) but there is still a chance," Menzies said. "You want him to be right when he comes back. We will plan for him to get back when he and the doctors say it's time. It's all about rest is what they are telling me."
Menzies added that Bhullar has not practiced this week.

Obviously NMSU does not need Bhullar in WAC play. But in a sense they do. Bhullar hit his stride in conference play last year, so there is a continuity factor there. Also, at his size, Bhullar's fitness relates to how productive he is. I would expect him back next week on the road, but they are not going to rush him back.
Going into WAC play, Seattle and Idaho were supposed to be 1A and 1B in terms of teams to finish behind the Aggies. Then UMKC comes along and beats both teams on the road.
"I think the road wins were something that I didn't anticipate," Menzies said. "I knew how good (UMKC) could be, but that just shows the parity for them to come in open their time in the WAC like that. I still think that Idaho and Seattle will be teams to be reckoned with."
Seattle finished dead last in the WAC last year, yet they played NMSU tough twice, taking the Aggies to double OT in Seattle and losing by three in Las Cruces.
"They have a lot of good athletes. We struggled with some of their quickness. They make you play faster than you want to sometimes. They just matched up well with us. They had some size that was athletic. They had good matchups but they just played well against us compared to some of the other games."

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Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, heads up for the parity of the out for UMKC. They beat the two teams regarded as NMSU's toughest competition for the WAC crown.

Ah well, never mind the fact that UMKC lost a game this season by 59 points! and that they are sporting an RPI of 137!

What a joke!