Friday, January 10, 2014

Seattle: Three keys unlocked

I was impressed with Isiah Umipig, who reminded me of former San Jose State guard Adrian Oliver. Umipig had a green light and Marvin Menzies said postgame the Aggies have to do a better job on him next time.

Renaldo Dixon/Chili Nephawe: Nephawe was in foul trouble, but Dixon scored 18 points with 6 rebounds in 35 minutes. The Aggies actually played several minutes with Dixon as the center and DK Eldridge as the power forward. Eldridge has done well lately on the boards, grabbing nine on Thursday.

Rebounding: Seattle out rebounded NMSU 35-33 with 16 offensive rebounds. Fortunately for the Aggies, Seattle didn't take care of the ball so NMSU scored 26 points off those turnovers, but Seattle finished with 13 more field goal attempts than NMSU. Seattle was the top rebounding team in the league, and they showed why on Thursday.

Challenge Mullings: Mullings didn't guard Umipig, but the Aggies did a good job on him in the first half and held him to just four points better than his average with 24 points. Umipig looks to get teammates involved and the Aggies big guys did a good job getting out and helping on ball screens. Mullings' stat line was incredible with 13 points, 11 rebounds, seven steals and six assists.


Crazy Canuck said...

Must keep knocking down the 3's or we are done. Without extending the floor our Bigs are eliminated hopefully Menzies can figure that out. Basketball 101 he needs to consult with Petino a little more he is a master at this game plan lets get it done against these chumps for the WAC.

Anonymous said...

Lol like Menzies doesn't know that.

Crazy Canuck said...

Have you been at the same games I've attended since he arrived, in a tough contested game Menzies can't coach himself out of a paper bag.