Thursday, January 31, 2013

Texas State: 3 keys and a prediction

Is the Tyrone Watson situation a distraction — From a basketball standpoint Watson is a huge loss. He’s probably the team’s most versatile defender, the best point guard and NMSU’s most experienced player. Can the Aggies replace his production while not letting his suspension and the circumstances surrounding it become a distraction. I expect Renaldo Dixon to replace Watson in the starting lineup and Remi Barry to back him up while Dixon backs up Sim Bhullar. I like Renaldo Dixon, but haven’t seen him in the high post making decisions like Watson did for the Aggies.

Contain Joel Wright —Wright is third in the WAC with 17.5 points per game. He’s been on fire during Texas State’s three-game win streak scoring 16 points against Texas Arlington, 37 against Idaho and 199 against Seattle. Wright had 17 points in the first game between the teams but he was the only Texas State player in double figures. Texas State plays small so I remember Wright bringing Bhullar away from the basket. We will see how they attack Sim tonight.

“He is the best scorer in the WAC right now. We all have to be aware,” Sy said.

Handle the press — The Aggies handled Texas State’s press fairly well in a 78-67 win at home. Texas State had a way of hanging around and probably gave NMSU it’s toughest game at home so far in conference play and I think the reason was because they made NMSU work for every score with the press. Texas State has won three straight games now and they have NMSU at home, a team Texas State probably feels like it can beat from the first game. If NMSU can take care of the ball and continue to rebound, they should be fine.
“It’s tough to limit turnovers because of our style of play,” Sy said. “We know we can do a better job.”

If there was ever a good time to lose another starter, it could be this weekend when the Aggies play 3-6 Texas State and 1-8 UTSA.
In the first meeting, NMSU’s big 3 of  Bandja Sy, Sim Bhullar and Daniel Mullings had a big night. Bhullar and Mullings both with 20- point games and Sy had 16 and 10. I think those three can carry the Aggies this weekend as well. NMSU wins 74-68


Anonymous said...

Watched the game. Aggies looked good with just a bit of out-of-sync in them. Better than expected, actually.

The margin of victory was deceiving. There were a number of missed free throws and a few turnovers in the last few minutes. We were probably looking at a 20 point beat down had the Aggies been as sharp as they were just a little earlier.

Nice win. It'll be interesting to see how much gas there is in the tank for the last game of the road trip. Watson played major minutes that are now having to be filled from the bench players like Remi.

Nice win, Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Wow.....I didnt know a WAC player had scored 199 points in a game this year. I presume that is a typo. Just thought I would give you a hard time.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of Ross-Miller? Bench is starting to look thin.

Anonymous said...

Time for someone on the bench to step UP. What a great opportunity for our next star.

So long Watson!