Saturday, January 19, 2013

San Jose State: Just one key, an obvious one

Don't let down vs. weakened Spartans: San Jose State scored 37 points in its last game, a road loss at Denver. The Spartans are playing without WAC leading scorer James Kinney, as well as Louis Garrett, both missed the past two games due to disciplinary reasons. Both were not with the team on Friday and are not expected to play tonight.  Even with Kinney, NMSU is better than San Jose State. NMSU can't afford a letdown after a big win on Thursday and an even bigger game on Wednesday against Denver. The key for this type of game with or without Kinney is to not give San Jose State life. The Spartans still have guard DJ Brown and forward Chris Cunningham 10 ppg and 9 rpg and guard DJ Brown, who scores 9 per game and shoots 32 percent from 3 point range. I remember when NMSU was missing players when the Aggies went to Louisville in Menzies first year and the Aggies made a late run to get within five I think. Rick Pitino said NMSU played like a wounded animal. Tonight will be San Jose State's third game without two guys in the lineup so they are used to it. NMSU needs to start fast and blow them out early.

Final score, New Mexico State 75, San Jose State 58


Anonymous said...

Way to go Aggies! We dont need no stinking Joe Boyd!

Anonymous said...

The Aggies are playing good basketball right now. Sy, Watson and Mullings are now playing at a very high level offensively and defensively. Sim is completely altering the opponents game defensively and Dixon is playing very well off the bench. I'm concerned about Ross Miller's injury as he was starting to play well at the PG position. If he is out for any length of time, depth will be an issue although maybe Aronis will get more time and gain some confidence. He has a nice shot and they just need to start falling. The Denver game is huge as I see them as even more disciplined than Utah State and they are playing well now. We still need to defend our home court and win a few more on the road.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies are playing better. Am anticipating their games against LaTech and Denver. We'll see how we or they measure up.