Saturday, February 2, 2013

UTSA: Three keys, prediction

Bench: The Aggies had 19 points from the bench on Thursday. Remi Barry had 10 points and is finally starting to look comfortable out there. Defense has always been his question mark and playing at the power forward is a better fit for him. He did well against Joel Wright in the post and offensively, he can play inside and out. I doubt the return of Nephawe so whatever positive minutes BJ West can provide are a bonus if Renaldo Dixon finds himself in foul trouble.

Rebound: UTSA is ninth in the WAC with 26 rebounds per game and seventh in rebounding percentage. NMSU is second with 36 rebounds per game and second in rebounding percentage, 56 percent. The Aggies outrebounded UTSA 36-18 in the first meeting, a 20 point Aggies win.

Pound the ball inside: NMSU shot 68 percent against UTSA in the first meeting and outscored UTSA 48-18 in the paint. UTSA opponents are shooting 61 percent from 2 point field goals in WAC play.

The last two keys make me believe this game should be lopsided in the Aggies favor. I expect another dunk fest for NMSU, Aggies win 79-62


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see Remi Barry getting increased minutes and contributing, due in large part to the recent off-court incident.

I've been waiting to see him play extended minutes and I think he will continue to be vital moving foward.

Anonymous said...

Another nice win, albeit over a team they should have beaten handily.

The real test will be playing at Utah State and at home against the two teams the Aggies lost to at the start of conference play.

I'm curious about the UTEP game. The Aggies should have won in El Paso, but gave the ball away at the end.

Anonymous said...


Slightly off topic: Does it seem like Menzies is getting better at coaching? I see him taking time outs early the half to make adjustments and not letting the team get too far away from the game when they get a lead and get a little lazy. it this particular team that is better at following direction and can be coached up?

Not too long ago, we'd end games with four or five time outs remaining and big leads lost on fathead plays.

Anonymous said...

Remi came to the program with way too much hype. From what I can tell, he is average at most. Yawn!