Thursday, January 3, 2013

UTSA: 3 keys and a prediction

If New Mexico State wants to have any chance at a regular season title/No. 1 WAC seed, the Aggies have to sweep these two games this weekend. I think the winner of the league is going to be around 14 or 15 wins so the Aggies have to pretty much go unbeaten at home and win at Utah State or Denver to make up for the Arlington loss. Fortunately, two of the worst teams in the WAC come to Las Cruces this weekend, starting tonight with 4-8 Texas San Antonio.

Make free throws: NMSU is up to 11th in the country in total free throws attempted (349) but the Aggies are shooting just 65 percent at the foul line. NMSU is getting to the foul line 25 times per game. Making free throws kept the Aggies in the game against Louisiana Tech in the first half (15-22, 68 percent). NMSU outscored La. Tech 33-32 in the second half, but the Aggies were 8-15 (53 percent) in the second half. The Aggies are getting to the line against these small WAC teams. Have to take advantage of it.

Home shooting: NMSU is actually a worse shooting 3-point team than the Aggies were a year ago. Playing a couple home games can get guys like Bandja Sy, Kevin Aronis, Daniel Mullings going. Teams are shooting 51 percent against UTSA and 39 percent from 3.

Good time to experiment: I don't expect the Aggies to change, but if they were, these next couple games could be a good opportunity. Play zone with Bhullar on the floor, press more with Dixon at center. Let the so-called shooters get some rhythm going by giving them more minutes, start de Rouen and get that spark to begin a game.

Little concerned or confused that UTSA played Utah State to a four-point game. UTSA has some scorers, but I think the Aggies should have a easier go tonight and win 75-60

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your suggestions on experimenting. Every change you suggest has worked this year, so I'm not sure why they're not being implemented by the coaching staff.

Our win against UTSA was sorely needed. It was good to see Bandja get some of his mojo back. Granted, they were lots smaller than we are, but our 2nd half energy was great to see. If we continue this way, we might have a chance at a good seed at the WAC tourney.